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  • Well then, can you get on anywhere between 3P.M. and 9?

    And if you'rein the same time zone as me, why are you always on at crezy times? .___.
    Asking honestly, are you nocturnal?
    Well, um, it's about an hour and a half after you VM'd me, aaaaaaand you're off. :/

    VM me when we're both on, and we can battle.
    i didn't know you posted in your own thread...anyway I need some more members to be tested to see if you are capable to reprsenting us in the war with us and want to have you in the war since your in our clan...It will mostly be a skill battle test to see if you can become one of our war teammates since you are one of our members I just want to see if you can help us out in the war...thats your helping status...the war still hasn't started so i was just asking if you would like to have fun in a awsome war ; 3
    whenever you back on again just battle ethier madmarine0 or ihawk to confirm your ranking and also your status on helping us...jets is back but he going on vacation so we need the last member again...
    hello just wondering you quit the clan becuase i haven't seen any posts from since you joined...we had a small tournament for a shorttime...we need one more member to clan war and just was wondering if you didn't quit you can battle one of our testers to see if you can help us out?...
    we're not really using the xat atm. we normally just use the osl one for now. I will be making our clan xat more active though, soon!
    Hai, we need to see some clan activity from you D: I've posted a new Team Rocket tournament, so check that out and hopefully you'll join C: Should be fun c:
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