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  • yeh ok but it is a good though isn't it?
    i do have some lv 100s but they are shiny and may be hacked
    Do you have PO? I have to go to school now but I'll battle you in eight hours, and only one because i need to pick up rumble blast after that.
    That's alright...The premier ribbon is a fake ribbon. No known event pokemon have it, and I honestly don't know how you would get those particular ones for free.

    No, they don't have any adverse effects ingame, other than that you cannot trade them over GTS--period. Yes, there are event ribbons for pokemon, but the Premier Ribbon is both fake and hacked onto the pokemon, using methods that I don't know...Nor do I care to know them.

    The simple reason that the ribbon is there pretty much puts a black mark on any pokemon that have it...Some regard them as total hacks because of that one ribbon, others simply hate the ribbon itself, and others place little to no value for any pokemon that have that ribbon.
    Not a problem! :)

    And about Pokecheck, the reason why people really hate it is for two reasons:

    First and most commonly, it's because of the Premier Ribbon that is hacked onto the Pokemon...Thus ruining the whole thing.

    Secondly, most of the time they're "public" pokemon, some of which you can get for free apparently...All holding that same ribbon.

    Let's just say that ribbon is a stamp of disapproval for most people...
    RNG abuse doesn't involve hacking at all...However, you do need to know your SID, which is most of the time hidden. I honestly don't know how to find it without an Action Replay to help, but I hear that there are those that do...

    Using Pokecheck and Pokesav to get such pokes are hacking, as well as using an AR to force every pokemon you see to be Shiny...

    All in all, I actually look for RNG abusers who can manipulate that system...Because I don't know how to myself. lol
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