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  • Well, I'm not completely sure what my first game was, but I think it's in this order: Gold, Yellow, Red, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Pearl, Platinum, Soulsilver, I got Blue recently, and White! For the spin-off games, I have/had(some I have sold, like the horrid Pokemon Dash.D:) Pokemon Trozel, Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon XD, Pokemon Colosuem, Pokemon Explorers of Darkness and Sky, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue, Pokemon Dash, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Pinball, and Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia!(I guess you could say I'm a genetic Pokenerd!xD Now, I'm not nerdy, I just have a love for pokemon!:p)
    Well generally the games. I can hardly watch the Anime 'cause I'm 16 and find it a bit cheesy :p Y'know? :p

    BTW, I'm goin' to tell you this. I LIKE Pokemon. If that bugs you, then tell me... Just thought you should know :p
    Seein' as you're new and Porygona friend, I should say hi ^_^

    So hi & welcome! Want 'nother friend? Feel free to send me one ;D
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