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  • YES. Another Awakening fan! ;D

    ROFL. I married Gaius and didn't really realize it, lol. I kinda thought you had the chance to say yes/no but NOPE.
    But that's okay, I was fine with that. :B
    Then that B-Support with Libra happened. X)
    I have been playing since Gen 1, and I have no problems with any of the other Gens. To be honest the 3rd Gen is my favorite. (Until Gen 6 comes out. :p)

    But I know where you're coming from. I can't stand people who insist on saying Gen 1 was the best, and when you disagree they flip out on you.
    Just so you know not all people who started out in Gen 1 is a Gen Wunner. :) Hope this did come off as rude.
    Just wanted to tell you I live the picture in your signature! He reminds me of Ricken a bit. 8D
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