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  • Is it cool if I bring this thread back: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?639661-•-The-Official-Pokémon-Claim-Thread-6-2-•-READ-THE-FIRST-POST-BEFORE-CLAIMING
    I'm just happy it comes for the 3DS tbh. Would not bother with it otherwise. I know so many people that hate that it is for the 3DS lol. like "I dont wanna play the 3DS again" argument.
    They are giving it the Black2/White2 treatment though, it seems
    hey shine I didn't see anyone do anything about making a new hunt or talk about a new community hunt for February actually XD saw your post :p I been posting on and of randomly getting shinies by accident lmfao i saw your post thought to answer you question ^_^
    [Hey I was wondering if you could put brackets in your posts like this VM. I just saw a post from the datamine thread from my Activity Page and I'm afraid that I might see more posts like it. ^^; ]
    Found a bunch of my old pokemon stuff in my uncles attic aswell, a Meowth water bottle shaped like Meowth, the pokeball with a gold plated pokemon on them (charizard, togepi and jigglypuff) and a bunch of my pokemon marbles
    Hey dude whats new? I just got a 1998 white mew plush from ebay in yesterday, its only a 4 inch plush though... at least it only cost $20
    :p thanks for the good luck I hope it shinies quick was surprise after taking a break from fire emblem fates to go back hunting to hatch my shiny iggly and it popped out in the first box to say hi XD
    I didn't expect that to happen LOL but glad to see we got two choices to do ;) my fletchling hunt I plan fits now XD which storing eggs tommorow after work :) I saw the post XD
    maybe we should have a double community hunt this month XD lol jk I saw your post I hope we get a vote in soon people know what the community hunt is I am gunna just start my fletchling hunt anyway despite not knowing what the march hunt will be ;)
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