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  • your accepted. and i allways put groups on moderated because not all people come online to chat for the fun, it's to keep those out.
    My dear friends, the first two Johto games are too overrated and anticipated, while being not as exciting as the third game. Copy and paste this in your sig if you bought the first two but want a crystal remake.

    you think? personaly, i like silver. i think ill stick with it unless crystal has some cool feture the others dont... like platinum.
    hmm, i'm not sure it looks improved now but the shading could use a few edits. the grey part on his eye is single colored, can you add a shade effect to it?
    i can't tell from the image what you edited but i can tell you that you missed it.

    above shadowlugia's red eye he has a knife looking thing on his head (at least that's how it looked in pokemon XD gale of darkness), slightly to the left of it there is a light grey looking line that is the border between the purple and the knife looking thing, that is what i'm talking about.
    on the head of shadowlugia near the back of his head you used some white to make a border between the grey and the purple which shadowlugia mainly consists off, that little white line is what i menth with it.
    hmm, no. instead of using white as the borderline of the grey and purple try using something more dark that is based on the grey.
    good, it looks way better now, however i see a few white spots around the eye that need some attention.
    yeah it's better now, however i see some bad colors in the shadow lugia that seem to be better off being a different color, they are mostly found in the tail and in the wings, it might be an idea to edit that.
    i never use photobucket myself to be honest, when i upload stuff i do it with imageshack.us, that one is very easy to use.

    and i never make use of that, i simply make sure that the image is in the right format when i put it for upload, maybe it is easy if you did the same?
    i'll show you, here's an image of two dragonite sprites from pokemon green, save the image to your computer and open it with paint or whatever you use to do your sprites with. enlarge the image X8 and look closely at both images:

    see the difference?

    oh en you do that, i'll be looking forward to it^^
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