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Recent content by shinehunter

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    How many times have you beaten the Pokemon League?

    I've done it atleast 23 times in White 2 and 114 times in Black but in black it is so much easier.
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

    About five minutes ago, on pokemon White 2 I was running around route 3 while watching TV when I looked at my 3DS, I was shocked I ran into a Shiny Watchog and caught it in a quick ball as soon as I could and it has a naive nature but I'm not fussed. Shiny Watchog (Female) Fifi Lv 55 Naive...
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    Thank you.

    Thank you.
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

    Well My luck came though again today after my uncle asks me how to get the Shiny Gible on his Black 2 yesterday, while I was training my Hyderieon with a perfect Iv's in speed I encountered a Shiny Jolly Wigglypuff and it's stats are: Shiny Wigglypuff (Ryuusei)Lv 59 Jolly nature Loves to eat HP...
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    Which Pokémon do you carry always with you?

    I aways have my Lv 100 Garchomp nickname Honsety and a lv 100 Milotic called Saundarya with me but that is due to me aways fighting the elite 4 for money.
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    Official 4th Gen Shiny Discussion

    About five hours ago I was just praticing with pokeradar and I was watch TV and when I looked at the screen I had encouted an shiny Male brave Shinx on my uncle's Diamond file once my uncle is done with transfering his pokemon from his White to his Black 2. I'm gonna transfer it to my White 2...
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    Hopefully this works...

    Well I'm usally not that good with teams but I did a TINY bit of research and made(Which I do use) but I want to know someone else's opinion so... Garchomp (Honsety) Female lv 100 Adamant nature Hates to lose Ability: Sand Veil IV's unknown (Decent,Fanstatic Sp.Def) EV's unknown moves...
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

    Well I haven't encountered a shiny since last November which was a Shiny Klink on my birthday, but this morrning I found at Relic Passage while looking for Shards an: Shiny Onix LV 27 Male Nicknamed GoldMine Calm nature Proud of its power Sturdy ability IVs: 22 / 30 /28 / 0, 2 / 0, 2 / 18
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    Team retry

    This team is in training still, but there is: Grovyle lv 21 brave nature offen dozes off hp 58 attack 39 defense 23 sp.atk 45 sp. def 34 speed 45 current moves pound quick attack pursuit absorb planned moveset swords dance leaf blade brick break rock slide Rufflet lv30...
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    Who's your hero and who's your partner?

    For exporlers of Sky my Pokemon are: Akari the Vulpix and Mwenzi the Eevee
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    Metal Fight Beyblade

    well i've got Burn fireblaze, Rock orso, cyber pegasus, storm pegasus, poison serpant, Earth virgo, midnight bull, thorch aries, galaxy pegasus and night virgo.
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    Metal Fight Beyblade

    I agree with the price but i only had £5 on me at the time which was from my birthday so i begged my mum to let me buy Galaxy pegasus.
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    Metal Fight Beyblade

    I don't know how they feel but saw them in Tesco and they are EXSPENTSIVE! to be exact £10.89 i didn't have enouth money so i got Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

    Talk about a birthday present! I was redoing my uncel's pokemon white and halfway through ChargeStone cave BANG: A Shiny Klink! My second 5th gen Shiny! but it has a Naive nature i honsetly don't care about natures of shiny pokemon!
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

    65 eggs and no shiny sneasel... 25 more and i'll gather and hatch 150 instead of 90 at a time