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Recent content by Shinestar

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    Relationships - BFs/GFs/crushes

    Okay, I've always been very good friends with boys, and suddenly, I fell in love, out of the blue. To be honest, I can't stand that factxD He is a very good friend and I don't want to ruin that friendship. He also gave hints he loves someone, but doesn't want to tell her name. Sigh, falling in...
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    Scariest movie you've watched?

    I think final destination is high on my list of scary movies -Shudders-
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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    I caught raikou, but used my masterball. I actually feel sorry about it..... Team: Loki - Typhlosion Allura - Lapras Sage - Umbreon Poseidon - Lugia Zeus - Raikou Bolt - Jolteon Still training members to replace Poseidon and Zeus, I don't want legendaries in my team to defeat red. xD
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    your favourite pokemon in your party?

    I'm sure that would be my espeon^^
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    ~*PokéWalker*~ Are you going to use it? If so, what for?

    I gave it to my little brother, he loves to run so I will get my watts x3. As payment I put his hoothoot(we traded it) in the pokewalker.
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    Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

    I hope that when it comes out, you can find actually different pokemon in caves and sea's. Also, less HM's that spam my pokemons movepool would be nice..^^"
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    I'm fine, thanks for asking

    I'm fine, thanks for asking
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    Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Scramble Challenge - New (read first post)

    I will take a scramble challenge, I will play it on pokemon Emerald, no trades. - - - - - -
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    If You Hatched A Shiny Eevee What Would You Evolve It Into

    I'd choose Umbreon. I like the colourscheme of the Shiny umbreon more then the one of the normal onexD
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    A new one here

    Okay, but I don't have problems^^(I will get them for surexD) And what do you mean Vitorml?
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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    I think umbreon, or my starter. I don't know to be honest.
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    Who's gonna be your starter?

    I pick cyndaquil, he was the first pokemon I ever trained (:
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    oh okayxD lol

    oh okayxD lol
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    wowxD That's new for mexD I'm never populairxD

    wowxD That's new for mexD I'm never populairxD
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    Okay^^ I will look at it, I'm curious

    Okay^^ I will look at it, I'm curious