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  • yo my parents arn't letting me sleep over at ur house tommorow =/

    they did say I can go to warped though so I guess they'll drop me off at your house that morning, im not sure though
    Holy **** I was about to win the lightsworn cards for 2.00 and someone came in and bid 2.30 at the last second and I wasn't paying attention

    It's 32 lightsworn cards one day left and it's currently at 1.30. I'm just waiting till right before the auction ends to bid on it, I got outbid on blue by like 10 cents but I'm staying up till it's done so I can bid right before it ends.

    I'm not sure how long i'm grounded for but i'm pretty sure I can go to warped because I told my mom I was gonna order tickets on wednesday and she said alright.
    eyyyy I just realised your unbanned

    I got grounded for the **** my mom found plus i have the flu but hopefully i'm better by warped

    also ebay is the ****, I'm winning an auction for pokemon blue for 99 cents and a lightsworn deck for $1.00. They have this blackwing deck with dark armed dragon for 10 bucks if your interested.
    Yo I did your sig but it looks like **** because the pokemon you chose are hard to fit in together. When I made mine I chose like a **** load of pokemon and just used the ones that fit best. If you want I can take out some of those or you can change some pokemon and I can try again. The ones that threw off the whole thing were Mamoswine or steelix. And i didn't know what to put for the ground so I put the plain gray one but I can change it easily if you want.

    Heres what came out of the pokemon you wanted
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