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Shining Fire
Last Activity:
Jun 26, 2012
Apr 9, 2011
Likes Received:
Jun 24, 1997 (Age: 22)
The Silent Realm
McDonanlds, part time

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Shining Fire

A little rusty, 22, from The Silent Realm

Shining Fire was last seen:
Jun 26, 2012
    1. Takeo
      Happy Birthday, fellow American.
    2. ConeOfSHAME
      Wish I voted for ditto...:O
    3. ConeOfSHAME
      Hey, I'm sorry bout what my last post was. I forgot 'bout Imposter, I thought it would be something like Unburden (not a bad ability though :D) or Mold Breaker.

      Still, I hate it when people go like this (I've seen a lot of this)

      Level 10 DW Ditto vs level 100 draco meteor salamence.

      DW Ditto uses transform! (Imposter changes stats, and because of the same speed Ditto can be randomly chosen to go first)

      DW Ditto aka Salamence uses Draco Meteor!

      Level 100 salamence fainted!

      What if Salamence went first?
    4. ConeOfSHAME

      Can I have an arceus, cuz I saw your sig. So is it OK? Besides, ditto wouldn't be any use with a dw ability. You can just get one from Giant Chasm OVER LEVEL 50
    5. Superpower Emboar
      Superpower Emboar
      hit escape until you come to a screen with exit as an option
    6. Superpower Emboar
      Superpower Emboar
      nah, its one the Junior High made that i would've gone too if i had moved b4 this year.

      yeah they must not have a life lol
      look for a game called "Jumper"
    7. Superpower Emboar
      Superpower Emboar
      I stared at your post for a long time, thinking "who in the heck is this wierdo?" then i checked you r page and facepalmed. I found a new hardest game and i cant beat it :I
    8. Superpower Emboar
      Superpower Emboar
      hey i beat the hardest game ever. i want my high five.
    9. KiraRebornXD
      what's up buddy been a while!!! XD
    10. PhoenixShad0w13
      you mind removing my account name in the quote you put in your sig, please?
    11. PhoenixShad0w13
      i don;t mind that you put it in your sig, just don't put my account name in there, got it?
    12. Shining Fire
      Shining Fire
      Yeah, I was just in a hurry that day, and I lost track of the thought when I got back home.
    13. Alter ego
      Alter ego
      Hey! Why my team need some changes? You can post your oppinion about it in my thread. :D
    14. Shining Fire
      Shining Fire
      Thanks for the help guys people.
    15. Pengyzu
      You can use Microsoft Publisher to make transparency, Just make sure no other thing in the pic is the same color as the background. Insert the pic on microsoft publisher. There should be a option to set a transparent color. Click on the background. Voila!
    16. Katatakat
      Visit this site to get rid of the background -> http://www.iaza.com
      You'll need to make the background of the picture red or another color first (it has to be a color that's not already in the picture.) The transparent option is the top one in the last column, it's hard to miss. You'll also need to convert it back to png when you're done as it will become a gif when you change it. (making it a png again will not bring back the background.)

      [IMG] http://www.iaza.com/work/110523C/iaza12226560513900.png

    17. Shining Fire
      Shining Fire
      Yea I said Stoned edge.
    18. Darkrai00
      haha ur snivy's doin a little more than stone edge xD
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  • About

    Jun 24, 1997 (Age: 22)
    The Silent Realm
    McDonanlds, part time
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Freshman in high school

    Baseball, art, any sport but soccer


    Credit to emerald goblin for any team america stuff
    I'm back nigg@s!! Sorry of things look crappy I have to everything from my phone:(
    If you like Monster Hunter than come join me in MH3g. Yes, be assured: EDGE has reported a worldwide release this year, probably in November or December.

    We're also looking for a fifth member of our Elder Scrolls Online group. We'll be keeping as a group for the whole game. We're deciding on which faction to be in but all opinions count for now.