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Recent content by Shining Glaceon

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    Dædric Design ✠

    SM, I would like a simple banner. Characters (League of Legends) (up to 6): Full Metal Jayce Text: Extreme Voltage Gaming Font style: Dendritic Voltage Dimensions: 851(width)x315(height) Colour scheme: Something you think will fit perfectly for the name of our team (Extreme Voltage...
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    I will try to find one.

    I will try to find one.
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    The letters look good, perhaps you can make something of a custom background instead of World of...

    The letters look good, perhaps you can make something of a custom background instead of World of Warcraft's?
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    Candlelight Graphics

    Thanks for the fast response, Mew_. It would be awesome if you and -Sarah could try to make something, perhaps combine your skills together ;). Anyway, the main color has to be red, just an outstanding frame and the text is 'Rising Diablo' without the apostrophes. Yours truly, SG.
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    Candlelight Graphics

    Thanks for the last request, it was really awesome. Anyway, I've got another question, are you able to do a 'text logo', some examples like this; Yours truly, SG.
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    Candlelight Graphics

    I would like an avatar from Mew's Universe : Image : Just a cool, outstanding, self-created background. Our clan name is Rising Diablo, 'Diablo' is Spanish for devil, perhaps you might do something with that? Text : RSD Extra : Size: 184x184 (Sorry for the less details I can give you on this.)...
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    Candlelight Graphics

    Hey Mew_, before I'm posting a request here. I would like to ask if you can make a logo for a gaming clan, just a outstanding background with cool letters, I know the text. If so, please reserve a spot for me. Yours truly, SG.
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    Golden Dragon Shop (Rule Update: 7/15/11)

    I have a question, am I still able to make a request? And are you able to design an awesome logo for a gaming clan? Yours truly, SG.
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    Are you willing to do it or not? I would really be glad if you did it.

    Are you willing to do it or not? I would really be glad if you did it.
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    Sparks GFX Request

    I'm wanting to do a big request. I prefer over msn though. Send me a pm if you're wanting to, I can say now, that it's huge. Really huge..
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    ★cruise productions

    Hello, here comes my first request =3. Avatars image| Click (If you would be able to find a better Victini sprite, I would love if you use the better one ;D) size| 64x64 text| PUT etc| (.bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png; files no larger than 20k) and make as good as you can ^^. Thanks in advance...
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    .| Autumn Leaves |.

    Thanks a lot.
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    .| Autumn Leaves |.

    I saw a lot of icons with text on a 64x64 images. The text doesn't need to be that big. You just can use a small text size, but it needs to be readable. What I mean by that is that it doesn't need to be so small that nobody can read it. And for the picture, is this one good: click? Thanks, SG.
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    XIII Pieces d'Arte

    It's no problem at all. College is way more important than my request. Good luck.
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    .| Autumn Leaves |.

    I really liked the banner you made for me ^^. Can I also make another request? I was not sure but here I go: Hi Gig, could you please make me a icon Image(s): Click Text: PUT Style: Mysterious Colour Scheme: Anything that fits good with the pokémon's colors of the image. Other...