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Recent content by Shining_Umbreon

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    Did the Writers just ditch Jigglypuff?

    Yeah I guess they just forgot about it like they did with the GS ball. XD I was hoping Misty would catch it or something, it would have been fun.
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    What is your favorite Pokemon movie?

    They're all great, but my favourite is still Pokémon 2000, because I love the legendary birds, and Lugia in particular. I also loved the apocalyptic feeling of it. XD
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    Was Dawn a step up or a step down from May?

    I prefer Dawn to May, just because she's a lot like me. I find her more human because of her faults and messing-ups, but I didn't see all episodes of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl so I might change my mind.
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    Does anyone else miss tracey?

    I do sometimes miss him, but I think he's good where he is right now.
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    Pokemon Rip-Off!

    OMG lol, this guy has no shame. What surprises me is the fact that it's an "official" book and not something you'd find, say, in a chinese shop. XD
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    which pokemon would you have as a pet?

    I'd love to have an Eevee! But I also would love a Chikorita.
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    How old are you Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans?

    I'm 21, I started playing with Red and never missed a Pokémon game till then. :)
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    Your PMD2 partner..a lifelong friend or an annoying furball?(PMD1 and 2)

    A lifelong friend! I've had Chikorita in PMD1 and Piplup in PMD2, and they're such great friends. Lov'em. <3
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    What new 'Other' Pokemon games would you like a sequel to?

    If they made a Pokémon Snap sequel, I would buy the new console just to play it. XD Seriously, it's one of the best Pokémon games ever. Getting all 400+ Pokémon would be crazy, but they don't have to put them all in the game.
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    Why is Pokemon G/S/C so Japanese?!

    I don't think there's a particular reason, but I really liked the fact Johto looked "japaneezy" (I think I know the song pkmn_GSC is referring to XD), because Japan fascinates me and it was somewhat like traveling in it. :)
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    How many times have you restarted G/S/C?

    Um, I think around 4 times. I restarted it recenty and omg, it feels so nostalgic...
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    What was your most used pokemon?

    Ampharos and Meganium. They're both two of my favourite Pokémon ever.
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    If You Could Live in the Johto Region...

    Goldenrod city definitely. Such a big city with lots of things. :D And it's near the National Park!
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    Brock apparently = Misty!

    Yeah, I feel sorry about Brock. I like his comedic side, but I would love to see a development in his character. Now all he does is cook and comment on Ash's battles about things we already know.
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    What if Pokemon were real? V2

    Haha, I agree that it would be a mess. But if our world was like the games', I would love to be a breeder. ^^