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  • Hey, I have a few suggestions for you for an MM hunt, if that's ok:

    ~ Slowpoke, Wooper, Lotad, Castform, Shellos, Finneon, Tympole, Ducklett, Goomy, Poliwag

    Those are ones with Rain Dance. I picked a few nice ones out, so hopefully you pick one of them.
    Could we exchange fcs? Ihave pumpkaboo, dusclops and shuppet. My fc is in my sig :)
    Very true. I <3 the golden caterpillar :3
    It's one of my favorite Kanto shinies :)
    I might just go for the trio of them at some point ;)
    After I get shiny Eevee of course lol
    Good luck again ;3
    Yw anytime ;)
    My last shiny was nearly 6 months ago xD
    Mine was shiny Cresselia on B2 with shiny charm after 6 SRs, but I've only had 2 shinies total in that game with the charm.
    My shiny Baltoy was before I even got the oval charm or the shiny charm on B2! xD
    I haven't had my 2013 shiny yet after 2,000+ MM Eevee eggs, 7,000+ REs for Skorupi on Reversal Mt., A few boxes of MM Vulpix, Chikorita, Bagon, Cyndaquil, and other eggs, a total of 10,000+ REs since Cress including Skorupi's REs, and SRing on and off for Heatran...Nothing xD
    Well, that hasn't made me give up, so what will xDDDD
    Anywayz, Good luck, keep rolling onward, and never give up!!! ;D
    Caterpie is a great shiny I've tried for a lot, but not many have loved it. I'd love to see you get him. Caterpie needs some attention on the shiny forum ;)
    Good luck again~! :D
    Good luck getting shiny Caterpie :) I wanted to sprinkle some good luck dust on you :3 *sprinkles dust*
    Well, I'd like to see how it goes next month without a vote, just for the sake of knowing.
    However, because there is no vote, I intend to give two options for the next CH. So there WILL be some amount of choice for everyone =)
    If I'm unable to hold votes on a regular basis, I'll probably see about getting someone else to take care of it.
    Oh I understand what you're saying but im missing quite a few pokemon. So the charm is unobtainable at the moment. Also since I already caught all the legends from the prequel I can't SR without either restarting the game or using White 2.
    You know? The Shiny Charm? A B/W2 exclusive key item that increases the chance of encountering and hatching shinies? You own a White2 game which has access to that item, but your masuda methoding the Pawniard and Riou on its prequel instead.
    Why can't you masuda method those pokemon in White 2? In this game, the Shiny Charm will increase the chances of your hunts becoming successful.
    sorry about that, I was online but I'm working on an essay so I wasn't paying attention to serebii >.< glad it finally got done in the end. the problem we had this morning was precisely why I shut down my trade shop here. arranging trades was just too much of a hassle :p
    Hey, I PMd you but you've gone offline >.< I've got to head out for a bit, so I'll message you again later for a time to trade.
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