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  • Wow really? I really wish I could go. But I have some Saturday morning chores and homework I need to finish. I would hate to fail on my Freshmen year! :<
    Another Mckinney member? Really?! 0.o psshhh no way :p
    I go to a league at 5211 walmart at kamp ranch on saturdays at 9am. You should go there!!
    Looking for a huge pokemon fan chick like me about 20 yrs old in DFW to be awesome buddies with!!! To trade cards, join tournaments, and have pokemon movie marathons with!! :p
    so i think we CAN battle online but i forgot my username and password so ill see if i can remember it
    oh hey i think we still cant battle online......well if you come on and see this message can we change plans for battling in like real life cards? (no like webcam just a PM battle) cause i just found out i had my pokemon deck in my bag (since im on vaction so yea) thanks!
    hey shiningmiloctic its rge remember from your card thread? so i was wondering if we could have a TCG pokemon battle? on pokemon TCGO we can battle so wanna? awaiting your responses
    Hello all, I am Larsa from Mckinney Texas. I have been told that I am a blonde-version of Misty many times. I am actually very pretty in person and I am pre-engaged to my bff : ) Been playing and collecting pokemon since 97".I just recently started collecting a lot of cards. and would like to compete in tcg tournaments in Dallas someday. Outside of pokemon I am deep into paleomarinebiology and art.
    If you would like to battle me, my chatango screename is shiningmilotic and feel free to add me.
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