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  • your request has been made, please pick up your hex banner at flower paradise graphics thanks for choosing my art shop and sorry for the long wait...
    Alright, that helps clear things up. Thanks a bunch. =)

    Although wrist-mounted crossbows would be freakin' cool, I meant an actual crossbow that can turn into a pair of wooden/metal claws. Basically, its either a crossbow or a pair of claws, never both.
    Hey shining! Had a couple of questions about your KoU RP, both involving the weapons and armor system.

    First off, can a character have both a special weapon and a special weapon? Like, for example, if my character had a Samurott, could he have both a Water-imbued sword and armor with the Torrent ability, or would he only be allowed to have one?

    Secondly, could a character have a special weapon. In order words, instead of a simple sword or a lance, could they have something like... err... well, like a cross between a crossbow and a set of wooden claws? I had an idea for a weapon of that description that I wanted to use, but wasn't sure if it was too eccentric or something.
    Well I've finished my character and put it on the SU so nevermind the last message I sent you sorry :p I hope you like it! :D
    My laptop was rendered non-functional some time ago. I would have said something, but this is the first time I've been on a computer in over a month.

    I apologize.
    Evening shining, I've been pretty busy lately and I've rewritten my character about 7 times now because I was unhappy with it but I'm finally almost close to done, I just have to iron out how she became a knight and how She and her Lampent met and work together.
    Um, how should I start my post? Andrea would not venture from the camp unless she absolutely had to, so she wouldn't go on the mission. I think.
    Hey, I've read the changes for the Unova region several times and I didn't see anything about the Celestial Tower there, is it there? Is it instead just a haunted forest? I'd like to know because I'm planning on using it in my character's backstory.
    The Sassquake is a mental as well as physical attack. You might not be affected by the shock waves, but my harsh words of sassyness will make you cringe.
    Sorry. I'll have to pull out, been hammered with school work, work, and a lot of family problems. If I had more time, I would've joined. Seems promising.
    I'm glad this is set in pre-historic Unova because I actually have not played enough of White to understand the region. I don't know anything about it! Lol.
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