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  • Why don't you ever talk to me anymore

    Edit: So that was supposed to be an all caps rage quit but apparently Serebii doesn't like that sort of thing. Awko taco.
    Haha yeah exactly. It's a little hard to believe there are people out there that don't like him.
    That intensity and darkness about him you get to see a little bit in series seven but there's enough silliness to go around. It shows how well Smith can portray the Doctor, being able to switch so easily.
    Yeah Tennant is fairly awesome. He was the first Doctor I watched so that's why he's my favourite. Smith's Doctor is totally different though, but yeah he is fairly flawless in his portrayal. Definitely has the potential to be one of the darkest Doctor's, but also very childish and playful.
    Ah I see, series seven is pretty good overall. Series six has a few of my favourite episodes in it. Series seven is amping up the game on a few episodes. Smith is definitely growing on me more and more but Tennant will always be my Doctor.
    I would like to help you with your RP (I really like the sound of it), and I could probably help with world building, if you do not have enough help already.
    That sounds like a good plan, splitting the princes. And yeah, PM me the list of locations and such. I really do like the idea of your game.
    Sure, I can help out. Actually, I was thinking of offering... I'm mostly used to slow-running games, so I try to get a GM post done weekly myself when games start going. What do you need me to do?

    Also, if you want me to check over your world-building info, I'd be happy to do that. I have quite a lot of experience fleshing out worlds, haha.
    I edited my last VM slightly because one of the sentences was in the wrong place... somehow. But you got the idea.
    The character that I RP with the most has an ancestor who fought in the Unovan Civil War. He was exiled during the closing days of the war. I don't really have much else to go on right now because most of the time when he is spoken of, it is what he did after his exiling. But the stuff that came after the exiling won't be relevant to your RPG.

    It will be nice to develop his past more.
    Droppin by to tell you that I am interested in Knights of Unova, if you go through with it.
    will ash elove snivy or scarggy and pignite or evenn plaptioad and will he cathc mellttteta in his team
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