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  • Which leads me to believe you don't really mean that apology, and you don't really understand what you truly did.

    I don't like seeing people argue

    Well then you know that's kinda stupid, when you yourself, get into a petty argument :/

    How about next time instead of jumping in, you do like I told you. This way you don't have to throw out shallow apologies or act like a person trying to act like a petty better man.
    So what if they're not the best sprites in the world! That's no reason to get all angry!
    1: I suggest you Learn to Read.

    2: I suggest you use your new skill on all the posts.

    Then I suggest how my post suggested how the whiner could get better.

    Then I suggest you read the whiner's post. Just a little bit of crit and he acts like I'm being a narrow minded retard because oh I'm screaming at him to scratch or go home! Unlike you and a few others I suggested how to make his sprites better and not look like blatantly ripped apart existing pokemon.

    So annoyed, and rightly so, I counter- ripping him apart further. He doesn't want crit. He doesn't want openmindedness. He wants the mindless praise you, and others, are feeding him.

    So fine.

    Feed his habbit. I don't really give a god damn if he stays in a pit of useless waste or not.
    One: It wasn't a flame war. If it was a flame war, we'd be swearing at each other and putting each other down. It was more of a debate than anything else.

    Two: We weren't even off-topic. We were still discussing about the sprites themselves, and the criticism given. You just went off topic with your one-liner spam.
    Here's your request, I kepted everything from your old reqest except Vigoroth's name.

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