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  • Sorry its to late we started Yesturday and named it Eddie the trainer yeah srry once we get to the part where we can trade which may take a week or 2 to get to then we can trade btw u get eevee at lv 10 and its at 11 right now cuz u have to do one battle in the begining with eevee
    Kk i'm getting it today the Eeevee do u want a ID Name or it doesn't matter? Plz reply before 5:00 or the Trainers name will be Mike or Dan
    Thats Impossible since you have to battle some people before you get to the PKM Center where u can trade so it's impossible to be at the same level maybe like 5 lvs higher kk is that okay??

    Anyways so Could I Have a USA TRU Alamos Darkrai and Regigigas and something else....

    What else if good??? And a Dexoys Gamestop.

    Please and thanks OMG YOUR THE BEST I will get your eevee this weekend if I can.
    I live in Canada and we don't get events -_- The Rotom one is my first :)
    Oh I like this :) It maybe 10 or 15 is that okay???

    I'll try to get it at ten kk

    Also do u have a TRU USA Regigigas???? And what events do u have so insted of 3 Alamos I could chose 1 Alamos and maybe 2 others if u have good ones I want :)
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