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Last Activity:
Oct 8, 2009
Mar 27, 2009
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New Jersey

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わるいカイリュー, from New Jersey

ShiningYoshi was last seen:
Oct 8, 2009
    1. Simple Star
      Simple Star
      You don't wanna trade anymore? or...?
    2. DanChimchar
      Hey can we trade yet I have the eevee ready and stuff
    3. DanChimchar
      Hello can we trade I sent u a email awhile ago and got no reply
    4. palkia1
      I'm on wifi now. Are you able to trade
    5. DanChimchar
      I have your Eevee ready for trade for the USA Alamos Darkrai, USA TRU Regigigas and GameStop Deoxys
    6. DanChimchar
      Ready and set just have to send it to emerald then diamond and then we can try
    7. DanChimchar
      Sorry its to late we started Yesturday and named it Eddie the trainer yeah srry once we get to the part where we can trade which may take a week or 2 to get to then we can trade btw u get eevee at lv 10 and its at 11 right now cuz u have to do one battle in the begining with eevee
    8. DanChimchar
      Kk i'm getting it today the Eeevee do u want a ID Name or it doesn't matter? Plz reply before 5:00 or the Trainers name will be Mike or Dan
    9. DanChimchar
      Sounds good and I will only the boss battles and stuff :)
    10. DanChimchar
      Thats Impossible since you have to battle some people before you get to the PKM Center where u can trade so it's impossible to be at the same level maybe like 5 lvs higher kk is that okay??

      Anyways so Could I Have a USA TRU Alamos Darkrai and Regigigas and something else....

      What else if good??? And a Dexoys Gamestop.

      Please and thanks OMG YOUR THE BEST I will get your eevee this weekend if I can.
      I live in Canada and we don't get events -_- The Rotom one is my first :)
    11. DanChimchar
      Oh I like this :) It maybe 10 or 15 is that okay???

      I'll try to get it at ten kk

      Also do u have a TRU USA Regigigas???? And what events do u have so insted of 3 Alamos I could chose 1 Alamos and maybe 2 others if u have good ones I want :)
    12. DanChimchar
      I may be able to get you a XD Eevee for you Alamos Darkrai? Its US right or UK???? If its Us I'll trade
    13. FAIRY5556
      i sent a email to you!
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    New Jersey
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