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  • Hehe. I tried to write a few chapters before I posted them, but I ended up losing interest in the project and waiting for my will to write to come back as I posted the chapters in storage... it didn't come back. I think I'm just going to stick with writing each chapter when it needs to be written.
    I will definitely keep wrting. As a matter of fact, I kust posted chapter 14 last night... so don't worry about that. xD
    Say, are you still following Delta Species? You were the only person who commented, and there's been no posts but my own updates sice you stopped posting reviews. May I ask to maybe put up your opinion on how the story's progressed, or if you've just lost interest?
    Just posted to say that your user-title is awesome.
    I've been singing a few verses of a modified version of I Am The Walrus for a while now, so...
    While I'm here.. I'm gonna subscribe to TMS. I wanna see how far it gets, and I'm curious to see how many times Absol is going to scream 'NIGHT SLASH' and have it destroy everyone else in the paragraph. Good luck, bro.
    Hey, I just read your fanfic, it was great, I subbed to the thread :) You did a good job, you have solid grammar and a high vocabulary.
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