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  • awseome!! ill join, and i alreayd have your fc. We battled. remmebr smash, that was me. amd your papi. Invite some friends so we can all brawl :D
    Hey. Would you mind sending the name displayed on the Brawl friend roster, and the name over your head when you play? I'm trying to flesh out the tournament listings and make it so there's no confusion when more than one person whose name you don't know is online. Next step is rules, but I need to discuss a few things with IcyDragon first.
    Thanks for brawling with me. Your pretty good. If it weren't for the lag, I may have actually have won one match...
    Aww that would've been nice to see again. I'm bout to see if I can catch the rest of the Cavs/Bulls game. Want to run one more vs my other unused team before I'm out?
    GG man. I'm still amazed at how well PBR's rental passes can do. You should cop one if you ever have time. (Like lots and lots of time due to hax in Gateway)
    Dont want to fill up your thread any more than I have..
    I'll battle your new team with my rental pass team (Overhazard-esque) Also I made another lighthearted singles team if you want to vs that too? But be warned, I'm aiming for an upset this time!
    Terribly sorry about that mishap. A serviceguy from my phone/internet provider came over, so I had to answer the door, which is why I didn't do anything during that last match, and then he had to screw around with my connection, which is why it was dropped. If you want to try again, now though, just give the word.
    Sure. Are you fine with about four stocks, no items?

    And like I said, visitor messages, please. :(
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