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Recent content by Shinkagehadou

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    Superheroes on Campus

    *Wallace* Wallace wasn't at all convinced of this alliance of heroes. He saw it as more of a nuisance than help, these guys didn't look too experienced. Not only that, the head seemed to give off the vibe that this was nothing more than a 'Spur of the moment" kind of plan, doomed to fail. But...
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    Superheroes on Campus

    Edited Wallace's stuff, keep the jets, he may not be able to fly with them, but they can be used for mobility.
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    Superheroes on Campus

    Civilian Name: Wallace Keyton Superhero Name: Afterburner Gender: Male Age: 18 Alignment: Freelancer/Good Year and Major: Freshman, Culinary Arts. Powers and Gadets: The ability to "Talk" to machines, he can communicate with technology telepathically and can mentally activate...
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    - Champion's In The Making - (A PokeRP)

    *VERMILLION* Angelo is seen hiding on the side building of the pokemon fan club scoping the area for his pursuers. 'Ugh, why must Saffron sit practically in the middle of everything? It seems no matter what town I'm in those guys seem to be there, all thanks to my town being smack dab in the...
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    Naruto: Contest of peace

    Name: Kaisuke Jigyaku Age: 19 Gender: Male Village: Sound Weapon of choice: A hollowed Ninjato, upon clashing with another object this Katana vibrates violently, aquiring similar properties to a chainsaw. Appearance: 5'11, slim figured black male. Short, clury, black hair, with a...
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    Pokemon: Grand Adventures

    Name: Rai Tsunami Gender: Male Age: 18 Trainer or Co Ordinater: Co-ordinater Description: 6'0 165lbs, A small muscular build, dark skinned, short black curly hair, brown eyes and white teeth. Normal attire: Seashell necklace, black goggles hanging on his neck, a gray T-shirt with a longer...
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    Pokemon: Grand Adventures

    Can you reserve me a spot please?
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    Standard Rules (OU)

    Anyone for a battle PM me Fc is in sig.
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    Pokemon: A New Age(Kanto)

    Gio couldn't believe how powerful Dirtdevil had become. In this excitement, he threw Dirtdevil in the air over and over, Dirtdevil was overjoyed as well, but a bit scared of his trainers catching ability. "You can put him down down.." ordered Fio. "Hey, shut up! You're just jealous your...
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    Pokemon: A New Age(Kanto)

    Hiro returns cubone to his pokeball, while Gio picks up sandshrew and tries to pull him out of his ball state. "Looks like you won, my son," Hiro digs through his pocket and takes out a brown disk, "Here, take this seems you're more ready for this than I am." He hands Gio the disk, Gio...
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    Well I can give you a rematch in that case.

    Well I can give you a rematch in that case.
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    We weren't?

    We weren't?
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    Pokemon: A New Age(Kanto)

    Name: Gio Yagami Age: 17 Hometown- Lavander Town Trainer or Co-ordinator- Both Personality: Gio can be described as one who doesn't take life seriously. He enjoys, laughing and slacking off a lot and in battles he goes for style and not victory. Despite this, he has his fair share...
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    Shonen Jump Club

    Apple What is your favorite alternative form of any Shonen Jump Character? 3rd Gear Luffy, 3 words : Wall-o-fist. Whether that was 3 words or not you get my meaning.... Also, out of couriousity, does anyone have Jump Ultimate Stars?
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    I'm fine, thanks, sorry about dropping out of the Tournament RP, college started.

    I'm fine, thanks, sorry about dropping out of the Tournament RP, college started.