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  • Hmmm....this wasn't on my profile...glad I checked XD!

    I guess it's the nostalgia in me that makes me a Pokeshipper. Though, I do like Morpheushipping because it is pretty much the same dynamic as Pokeshipping.

    That sucks a lot; cartoons are just as much art as anything else. Well, you have a lot of other majors to choose from, and there are other colleges to look at too. Just do what you think is the best for you to do.
    I'm not much of a Pokeshipper, but most pairings I do like with Ash are with tomboys. Misty just seems to be the strange exception to my tastes, heh. Pearlshipping I'm not worried about, though, since we know by now the anime's following a strict formula and one day Dawn will go the way of Misty and May.

    I was an art person because I've drawn cartoons and comics and whatnot since I was 3. Thing is, most art teachers hate cartoonists, don't consider it art, and discriminate against you if you draw cartoons. So that was part of why I couldn't stand the major. All that plus wasting money on a 3-hour art class teaching me about the color wheel and shapes, stuff I learned in PRIMARY SCHOOL... yeah, I needed to get out of there.
    The more I look at Ash and Dawn, the more I see their relationship as one of brother and sister. The Paul/Dawn aspect is the classic "opposites attract" syndrome, and I never get tired of it. Plus, it has worked successfully before; Vegeta and Bulma is a classic example (it's amusing that both have character traits similar to their respective counterparts). I'm more Pokeshipper than anything, so Pearlshipping is something I don't like to become incredibly evident.

    Same topics, completely different way of learning the course. My English class is exactly the same, but instead of assignments, we have to do essays all the time. It's bothersome, especially since I can't come up with a good beginning and ending. It really sucks that you have to pay to get scarcely-used supplies; that's one of the reasons why I've never been intrigued by art, even though I took it in high school. Plus, I don't have a creative bone-hair-fiber, whatever you want to call it, in me :D.
    I don't support Penguin as much as I used too, because there were no other alternatives for Dawn (and I dislike Pearlshipping). Now with a fleshing out of Paul's character, and the debut of Jun, Penguinshipping has been knocked down considerably.

    I'm a freshman, and I'm thinking of doing something Biology related, specifically Marine Biology. I'm focusing on the forensic aspect of it as well. I just need to quit procrastinating. ~_~
    There is so much potential for HeatTag; Conway needs to show up more often XD. It's one of my favorite Dawn shippings as well, along with Ikari and TwinLeaf. I'm afraid of what you would do if I said a like Penguinshipping somewhat though ~_~.

    So I noticed that your profile shows that you are 22; are you in college? What major are you going for?
    Yeah, I had found it somewhere... I don't even know where, but I saved it just because I adore HeatTagshipping and could never find any fanart of them.
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