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Recent content by Shinobi5878

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    Scary Games

    Does anyone have the specs needed for Amnesia: The Dark Decent?
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    Scary Games

    Don't know if this thread already exists, so if it does, my apologizes. Now to business. I'm looking for a game that will scare the crap out of me. I've played the Resident Evil games, but the only one's I found scary were the first two. I'm more of a 'what you don't see is what's scary'...
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    multiplayer team names

    Depends how many spaces I'm allowed. In Black Ops, my clan tag is (501) As in the 501st legion of stormtroopers. In other games we tend to call our selves, The Immortals. It really depends on the game though...
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    When I build a team, I generally us this format... 2 Physical Sweepers 2 Special Sweepers 2 Tanks
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    x. Spectral's Pokemon art

    HOLY FREAKING FAN ART BATMAN!!! These are good. I like the way they look sorta realistic. I think they look kool. Keep it up heh...
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    After all these years

    Heh...that's really kool.
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    Holy UU RMT Batman!

    !!! Now...excuse me if I'm wrong, but isn't the point of battling to be different and have individuality? You say no one uses Cyndiquil. Yet, he wants to use one. There fore that makes him 'unique'. It makes him different. I say that's a good thing. And I don't think he should be called...
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    Help with a UU team

    Thanks for the Ideas. The only thing is...I don't want to use any OU pkmn. I want to keep it strictly UU.
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    Help with a UU team

    If it gets locked it gets locked. I don't really want to use HP Ice...cause then I have to worry about IVs and stuff. But I don't know...we'll see how things go.
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    Help with a UU team

    Please read ALL that I've posted... I know there is only three...I needs help with the other three. I know that Magmortar is a Special Sweeper. I have a move set for a special sweeper. I don't like to use Hidden Power because that would require more breeding than I already have to do and...
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    Help with a UU team

    I've already contemplated using Focus Blast but I don't want to triple up on my fighting coverage...
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    Help with a UU team

    Alright...so far I only have three of them planned out. And would appreciate ideas for the other three. Here's what I have so here we go heh heh... Toxicroak (No clue if I spelled his name right...have average spelling) Nature- Adamant Item- Focus Sash Ability- Anticipation Ev...
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    Things I do while bored...

    Yeah...Gogeta is the one I like the least. I noticed so many flaws...I see flaws in all of them. But...um, just out of curiosity, which one did you like the most?
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    Things I do while bored...

    Okay...I'm doing this to get some CC, and also to see if I can do it right... I had a reference for all of these. Naruto. Afro Samurai. Zabuza. Naruto and Ichigo. Gogeta. I do more stuff than anime, it's just I haven't had a chance to get anymore of my stuff onto...
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    Pokeball Tattoo

    I say you get it. I think it would be kinda kool. I plan to get the triforce tattooed on my arm at some point. Not to sure how my folks will deal though lol.