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  • Im currently at the rocket base in goldenrod about to get to apollo.
    So you got your Hgss today also were are you at right knoww? Im in union cave atm
    I'm well aware I'm not perfect. I have a lot to learn in life.

    But fact is it's painfully obvious the Regional Dex will neither exceed 251 monsters nor include Hoenn or Sinnoh Pokemon. And if someone fails to realize that after being continuously explained to why it won't happen, then I will tell them to grow a brain, get some common sense, etc.

    I may not be perfect, but I do have common sense, which apparently, isn't so common any more.
    I've been calm the entire time. I really don't know how you conceived the idea that I wasn't. And people can believe what they want, all I'm doing is explaining why something will or will not happen.

    And besides, you didn't answer my question.
    Ya know, people like you annoy me. "Stop telling people to grow a brain?" I had never said anything of the sort on the forum. Nothing like it at all. So why lie, huh?
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