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    So I was thinking how many ribbons do you guys have on one single pokemon, rather what is the most ribbons you have on a single pokemon. I personally have 54 on my Exploud from ruby.
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    Official R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread - Fresh Edition

    I felt like soft reseting for a shiny starter cause i never did that before, got my ruby and sapphire and began the quest for treecko. In one day only one day i got a SHINY TREECKO!!!!! and the other awesome part its MODEST!. I am currentyl playing through know trying to ev train it its pretty...
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    Serebii.net 8th Advent Calendar Discussion & Suggestions

    so how'd you guys do on the puzzle slide? I got 36 moves in 46seconds
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    Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

    Continuing IcyKerpymon's theroy, I too had a similar theroy. I believe that when you go to vs Dento it will turn into a Triple Battle between you and Dento and the two trainers with red hair and blue hair. Each trainer will have their respective monkey, so Dento has the Green one the Blue haired...
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    Battle Tower Team

    Thanks a lot I will put Flamethrower on houndoom and Heracross is gonna be a substitute Swords dance but im gonna use CC and Megahorn. Thanks for the post.
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    Battle Tower Team

    So I always enjoyed the Battle Tower but I never put true thought into it, I would always just put three sweepers together so I realized that three sweppers wouldn't cut it. After looking at some Battle Tower Team building guides I noticed that the Lead is extremly important for your sweepers to...
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    Tricky Tricky :OU RMT

    Interesting I never thought about that I'll test it out and see if their is a significant difference between sitrus and leftovers.Also what Ev's did you have on your TrickLicki set?
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    Tricky Tricky :OU RMT

    yeah if TR isn't up then I'm in trouble, thanks for the kind words :), also I made some changes I shall update the OP.
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    Tricky Tricky :OU RMT

    I might try SR over screens but recently i have been TR then explosion so I may not set it up but I like it better. Also I havent had much trouble from those two pokemon probally cause I had TR in effect Thanks for the post
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    Tricky Tricky :OU RMT

    Wow thanks for the posts guys. Dragon Tamer I will put suction cups on octillery, while the Machamp set is good I am not changing Gallade at all, and the Camerupt is kinda odd so idk about him instead of Porygon-Z though one of the "slows" is a possibility and I am gonna try testing the...
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    Tricky Tricky :OU RMT

    So I always found Trick Room to be very interesting, and always wanted to make a team using it(also all the kick a** pokemon are somewhat slow). So with the metagame being all about speed nothing can be prepared for a Trick Room team... except another Trick Room team. At A Glance: In Depth...
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    Which starters did you pick?

    1 Bulbasaur 2 Cyndaquil 3 Mudkip (who doesn't liek Mudkipz) 4 Turtwig 5 Mijumaru
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    You know you're obsessed with Pokémon when...

    when instead of doing work at your job you are battling with your co workers(Guilty.... and it was AWESOME!!!)
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    Official Claim a Pokemon Thread (( Version 5.5 )) ✣ REOPENING SOON. STAY TUNED.

    Kibago---shiny bagon---july 14th 2010 Too bad someone took Ononokusu (who I think is the evolution of Kibago)
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    If the Pokeathelon stats applied to you...

    Speed *+ *+ *+ *+ *+ Power * * * * Jump * * * * Stamina *+ *+ *+ *+ *+ Skill * * *