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    Harry Potter [warning, might contain spoilers]

    Me and 29 other people are going to see it on Sunday. We're all going in costume, I'm dressing up as Severus as people say I look quite like him.
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    What's Your Team?

    I have used over 50 different teams on wifi but the one I use at the moment is a trick room pass. Porygon-Z Gallade Probopass Quagsire Wormadam-Grass Dusclops
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    Teams viewable before the start of a battle

    Doing most of my wifi battles through PBR this doesn't bother me as I'm used to being able to see my opponents team. It doesn't really help much but that could be because I overpredict a lot.
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

    I can't believe it. I just got Black today, caught some Pokémon to try and fill up my Pokédex. Was on my way back to the Pokémon Centre to buy some more Pokéballs when what pops up but a shiny Shimana. No Pokéballs :( + it's one of my favourite 5th gen Pokémon.
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    What would you do if... Every pokemon Ash captured was retconned?

    If you're talking about when they had 3 pokeballs in the cave then that ws before the Koromori capture.
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    Competitive Balance: Yes or No?

    I like NU battles. :( Also no Game Freak shouldn't balance the competitive metagame because then why would we need stategy as almost any Pokémon could kill any other Pokémon.
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    I wouldn't have changed my in-game clock anyway so this doesn't really matter to me.
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    New Attacks & Abilities Discussion

    Why GameFreak, Why. Sceptile + Unburden. Why make it faster instead of stronger. Well at least it'll now be the fastest SubSeeder. Blaziken + Speed Boost = Awesome Swampert + Damp = Metagross can do nothing Ninetales/Politoed + Drought/Drizzle = Instant UBER
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    About the D/P Multi Tower team. I no longer have wi-fi so I can't trade them to you. Sorry.

    About the D/P Multi Tower team. I no longer have wi-fi so I can't trade them to you. Sorry.
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    The Recieval Challenge

    Trained for a long time on Iron Island and Route 217 to train my Riolu into a Lucario. Used Mrs.Eggman and King Aura to beat Candice. Just finished beating Palkia for the experience. Going to train all of them to Lv.55 after I beat volkner. Team:- Mr.Quake - Torterra - Lv.48 Mrs.Eggman -...
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I don't mind how many legendaries there are but how many uber legendaries. Imagine if the 4th gen had gave us 17 Uber legendaries instead of just giving us 8 Uber legends, 2 being Giratina.
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    The Recieval Challenge

    Yeah, I'm trying to get as much done as possible before I have to go back to school on the 9th.
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    The Recieval Challenge

    Got my 6th Badge and obtained my Riolu egg. Evolved Hapiny all the way to Blissey. Started leveling up Riolu. Team- Mr.Quake - Torterra - Lv.46 Mrs.Eggman - Blissey - Lv.33 King Aura - Riolu - Lv.19 Badges - 6
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    The Noobiest thing you've done on R/S/E

    On Sapphire. Only Trained Sceptile Never got my Master Ball Killed Kyogre Beat the Elite 4 for the first time with a Lv100 Sceptile(My Starter trained without Rare Candies) It took me over 180 hours to beat Steven.
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    The Recieval Challenge

    Had been planning to restart Pearl as I was getting bored. Team: Mr.Quake - Torterra - Lv39 Happiny Egg Currently have 4 badges