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Shiny Espeon0429
Last Activity:
Dec 31, 2019
Jul 1, 2008
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Shiny Espeon0429

Well-Known Member, from I sure don't live in Kanto!

Shiny Espeon0429 was last seen:
Dec 31, 2019
    1. raichu27
      Nice avatar. I think shiny Espeon looks pretty cool.
    2. Shiny Swalot
    3. ShinyMisty
      Oh, thank-you. Yes, the game gets hard quick. I use the Battle Chateau to train (now I really need to, losing TWO of my strongest Pokemon in one fight. ;-; ). It isn't like fighting the same Trainer over and over...sort of...

      But yeah, it can be unforgiving.
    4. ShinyMisty
      I'm sorry for your bad luck in your Nuzlocke. *bows* I really didn't know how crazy Pokemon X and Y gets when you don't have the EXP share on.
      If you ever wish to try again, EXP share on or not, training in the Battle Chateau is good. (I am doing a Wonder Locke, though. Levels are gained quicker.)
    5. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      Perfect! What were your teams and recommendations?
    6. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      Doing challenges again?
    7. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      Hi, how are you doing?
      How did your 5 region challenge end?
    8. snivy trainer
    9. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      keep up the good work then!
    10. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      so you have like 5 days to play B2? or maybe even four? Anyway, you can do it, as long as you use a seismitoad :P
    11. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      Stiil going strong?
    12. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      how are you doing espeon?
    13. snivy trainer
      snivy trainer
      You will do. I've got some stuff to do in Platinum- got to beat Candice now, and then the rest of the game.
    14. snivy trainer
      snivy trainer
      Nice going so far with your 5 region challenge.
    15. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      you can do it man :P
    16. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      so how are you doing with your challenge? havent seen any posts around. I Always love to read how other poeple complete their games. but yours Always has this nice format. So can you please postthem again if you decided to stop with them?
    17. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      Well, I am still somesort of 'busy' with my whte 2 and platinum scramble challenge, but I am also considering an anime team of James of TR
      Meowth, since Jessie has wobbufet, I wanted James to have meowth. Im currently thinking of no evolution
      Victreebell, well Obvious...
      Weezing, the same...
      Chimecho, for the psychic type, way cooler tehn mime jr since im probably not going to evolve
      Growlithe, for coverage too.
      and Gyarados, to remeber his Always buying of magikarp :P
    18. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      are your challenges still going stong?
    19. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      so how are you doing today?
    20. Shiny Swalot
      Shiny Swalot
      You are extremely fast. It took me AGES to finish HG, and only one attempt of the attempts I did of all HGSSDPt from when I was 12+ I made
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    I sure don't live in Kanto!
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