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Shiny Froslass
Last Activity:
Sep 24, 2013
Jun 14, 2013
Likes Received:
None atm

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Shiny Froslass

Blood Magic, from Australia

Shiny Froslass was last seen:
Sep 24, 2013
    1. Charizard_Rulez84
      well i just don't want to be mixed up with whatever is going on, i do have a gastly with OT Dressa but i respect ppl's redistribution n would never go against them
    2. Charizard_Rulez84
      I would appreciate u not tell ppl that I gave u a ghastly with OT Dressa or whatever it was my one trade with u was delibird for pikachu
    3. MrThEsTaN
      I would really like to trade ASAP if you have it cloned already.
    4. MrThEsTaN
      Shiny near-flawless Eppie Mew and shiny flawless Shaymin for shiny flawless Genesect.
    5. Ausgirl
      No you clearly said you got it from Charizard. So why would you say that you got it from Charizard when you actually got it from Adaptable_PorygonZ. Does he even trade here? Either way I think your lying.
    6. MrThEsTaN
      You have the Genesect cloned yet? I've been waiting for a few weeks now.
    7. Ausgirl
      The original trainer told me and I thought you said you got it from Charizard?
    8. Ausgirl
      It turns out that Breloom is fine (Eyedol checked it for me) but you still traded me public pokemon and the Gengar was non-redis too. So you shouldn't have traded it to me.
    9. Shiny Froslass
      Shiny Froslass
      Breloom isnt hacked, Scizor isnt hacked.. but the pkrus maybe hacked.. and idk anything bout pokecheck.. i got them from charizard_rules
    10. Ausgirl
      It seems that your Scizor and Ditto are both public pokemon (and the pokerus on Scizor is also definately hacked) and the Breloom is also most likely hacked.
    11. MrThEsTaN
      Some cloners to talk to are mad_toast_boy, C.y.a.n*, and Hopsin if you are still looking for one.
    12. Earendil
      Hey, were you able to get that Groudon cloned?
    13. MrThEsTaN
      I'd like a rough estimate of when you'll have the Genesect ready, because I'll have to stay up super late to trade with you.
    14. Kevin24
      ready and heading in
    15. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      well in game would be tough since i am at school using my phone....i'll reach home after about 4-5 hours....:(

      no ir gts ain't in real GTS btw it is a fake gts!
    16. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      yep i have...i can give you all the files if you are able to use ir-gts!
    17. Ausgirl
      Oh what were the redis rights for your pokemon btw?
    18. Ausgirl
      Thanks for the trade.
    19. MrThEsTaN
      Still busy?
    20. SmeargleRocks
      No not 100% yet, been busy as a staff member on another forum
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    None atm
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    Playing X-Box 360


    OT: Jesse ID:
    Friend Code: 1808-3045-5838
    Pokemons i want
    Flawless Event*Major Wants*
    Shiny Event*Major Wants*
    Shiny Flawless Event*Major Wants*
    Shiny Flawless*Big Want*
    Other Pokemons may be considered
    PM me if you have any!

    Pokemon's up for trade
    LOADS of Events(PM me with what you want)
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    Shiny Flawless Events(PM me for my list)
    Shiny Flawless's(PM me for my list)
    Currently After!
    Flawless Events
    Events i dont have
    Shiny Events
    Shiny Flawless Events
    PM me if you have any↑
    Thank you