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  • I only liked it for halo and that was about it while ps3 has lil big planet, god of war, final fantasy and so on, and yeah I will XD but nothing as of now :c
    yeah, I will XD seriously though, I really should get a ps3, I was an xbox fan before but got converted
    Well, I still don't have a ps3, by now I'm not sure if I want to get it, a new sony console is probably right around the corner
    same, for now I'm planning on getting Pokemon Y, I saved up some money for a lot of things too, but then I wanted to get KH3D too DX *firstworldproblems
    well I only found snivy awesome, oshawott was just alright, and tepig..meh, and yeah same, I wanna get y, you have a 3ds?
    yeah, I'll admit the starters look so much better compared to gen 5. I'm thinking of choosing chespin as well
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    Hah. 3 Years Later...
    I've been good, outstanding actually. Everything is different now, no more time for Serebii like I use to have(; but, I've missed all you guys. How have you been?
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