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  • Boldore is a great shiny, and with 80% encounter rate, it seems more likely you'll get it, but Onix is a cool shiny too. Looking at each area, you have a lot of great possibilities, especially since each area only has two pokemon each. Good luck with Boldore or Onix!
    I wasn't around when you finished your BQ, but I'm still going to say congrats on completing it! Also, congrats on getting the shiny charm. May I ask what your first plan to test it out is?
    I would love the shiny charm for sring. I even have all the pokemon, just not the patience. May try it after my mm for shellder. Gl on all your hunts
    saw your Zangoose post in the shiny thread, can't reply there since I've replied once for this day, so....

    Careful is fine for Zangoose, it doesn't need SAtk anyway. In fact, personally I think it's better than mine (Timid, a -Atk Nature -_-)

    But how did it escaped so many balls, did you not weaken it first? And being able to faint all your Pokemon except one, your entire team must be quite underleveled....

    By the way. congrats for finally getting a shiny and thus able to continue with your BQ :)
    Huge congrats to you finally getting a shiny to appear! You definitely deserved better than a male Combee, but I'm sure you're happy enough to be able to move on. I hope you have better luck and a much shorter hunt wherever you go next!
    When chaining once u hit 40 just rest the pokeradar cause ur chances cant go any lower. Giving u 1 /200 chances of a shiny patch.
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