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Shiny pokemon lover
Last Activity:
Aug 22, 2008
Oct 27, 2006
Likes Received:
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Shiny pokemon lover

Shiny pokemon hunter

Shiny pokemon lover was last seen:
Aug 22, 2008
    1. Shiny pokemon lower
      Shiny pokemon lower
      Hello there! Have you wondered why Shiny pokemon lover have been so... inactive the last weeks That is because he is gone.
      I am Shiny pokemon Lover! My user account have been deleted by an virus innfection, therefore I use this double user. (Yes, I use my old name!)
      I already have told Serebii Joe about the situation so I hope he helping me instead of banning me...
      I hope it is way I can get my old user account back.
    2. Shiny pokemon lover
      Shiny pokemon lover
      I WAS online, but something goes wrong under the connection. That symbol which shows how strong connection is stops to light before the connection.
      I don't know what the problem is. We have to cancel the trade...AGAIN...
    3. eonmaster_457
      Hey, will you go online now please???
    4. eonmaster_457
      never mind. i'm going online to trade.
    5. Shiny pokemon lover
      Shiny pokemon lover
      I know. I have been quiet. I work most of my time now therefore it has been less time to the computer. My post rank doesn't become much higher either.
      I also have been unlucky with Pokemon trades. I have been close many times, but something always happens so the other person cancels the trade.
      But even trough that I admit I should use more time here...
    6. eonmaster_457
      what's your fc?
    7. (s.i.e)
      hey Shiny pokemon lover:)
      it has been a few weeks ago since we last spoke, how are you doing lately?
    8. eonmaster_457
      okay, i guess.
    9. eonmaster_457
      sorry, wifi acted up and couldn't do it.
    10. (s.i.e)
      yeah, thunderstrikes are nasty for computers, that's why i allways pull out the plug of my computer when there is lightning, but i bet that thunderstrike had to be really close then.
    11. Shiny pokemon lover
      Shiny pokemon lover
      My vacation was wery similar, i had with building at a hut/barraks? to do.
      I havn't been at any trip. The internett at my computer have been hurt by a thunder strike so i couldn't use that to much.

      To eonmaster 457, I am at Wi-Fi now!
    12. (s.i.e)
      yeah, i didn't had much to do this vacation since all the money was spend for painting the house so i thought i might as well take my time on the forums^^

      say about vacations how was your vacation Shiny pokemon lover?
    13. eonmaster_457
      yes, please. I'll be online.
    14. Shiny pokemon lover
      Shiny pokemon lover
      Okay. I thought that since one of the Forum Rules says you don't shall try to make friends with the staff. Mabye I am just confused?
    15. Mephisto
      It's not impossible if you really are friends!
    16. Shiny pokemon lover
      Shiny pokemon lover
      It is that Forum I metioned earlier. The old leader retired. And I got it!
      But sure, I can give you the link.
    17. (s.i.e)
      you made a new forum Shiny pokemon lover?
      not bad, could you send me a link to my pm box maybe?
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    Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon, Mario, Final Fantasy, Video Games, Computer, Cartoons, and Cartoondrawing


    My shinies: Nincada x2, Wingull x2, Exploud, Crobat, Zubat, Zigzagon x3, Linoone, Medicham, Riolu, Rapidash, Feebas, Shinx,Rattata,Sneasel, Bidoof,Geodude,Mew
    I am the New Leader at SPHC. PM me if intrested!