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  • Japanese Mew, Celebi & Jirachi Giveaway! UT and legit.

    Click Jirachi to enter!

    Your request is ready! Please go to the shop and download it! Hope you like it! Thank you for choosing Deviant Userbar Shop!
    You can't trade Zekrom here. Well, I mean, you can, but good luck finding anyone stupid enough to trade you as much as a Bidoof for it.

    And btw, Kevin24 is not a Mod.
    you can if you trade it here since everyone here knows about they are programmed that way. sucks you got ripped. keep it if you want or release it. hacks don't harm your game.
    All shiny zekroms are hacks just like reshiram,victini,arceus and celebi. Zekrom,Reshiram and Victini cannot be shiny cause they have shiny blocks on them.
    You aren't allowed to pay money for pokemon.here's rule 10 of the trade shop rules.
    10. You may only trade Pokemon for other things in Pokemon games. This means no trading Pokemon for other game accounts/items, real-life money, or anything else.
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