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    im interested in your shiny Regirock-Careful-lvl40-UT
    is there a shiny pokemon i got you would wont?

    i also got the world 09 weavile..i heard you where looking for one.
    Houston (correct spelling I hope lol), we got a problem :eek: I can't find my Insect plate, so I guess I traded it or dropped it :( Do you want to trade an other plate for TM Toxic?
    I would like to have TM 26 (earthquake), TM 06 (toxic), and TM 71 (stealth rock), TM 51 (roost) and a Salac berry.
    I can trade you the following plates:
    - Spooky Plate (ghost)
    - Dread Plate (dark)
    - Mind Plate (psychic)
    - Fist Plate (fighting)
    - Insect Plate (bug)
    - Splash Plate (water)
    - Icicle Plate (ice)
    - Flame Plate (fire)
    - Draco Plate (dragon)
    - Earth Plate (ground)
    - Stone Plate (rock)
    - Toxic Plate (poison)

    Feel free to choose 5 of 'em!
    Shoot, bro was first <down here>. I do have some plates too I want to trade. Just VM me the plates and I'll see if I have 'em in stock.
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