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Shiny Venusaur

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  • Ha no. I'm waiting till Platinum to hunt for a Shiny Driflooon. I saw a Shiny Drifblim the other day on the GTS, so that sorta inspired me to update my avatar. But I also wanted to update my avatar since I haven't changed it for a long time.
    Yeah, I posted alot then. Heck, I'm still posting alot, although my stats say otherwise :p *3 posts/day average* Lmao.
    I never did call you TH!
    umm, Th stands for Team Huh, the team that I'm in. So yea, I have no clue who you are =p
    I might buy English Pearl sometime, but since I'm saving up for a guitar, I might get my sister to buy it for me for x-mas. I'd get English Pearl since she has Diamond.
    Can't wait for Platinum. I bought FireRed so I could get some pokemon ready. I was planning on getting a new Diamond Version soon, but since Platinum is probably going to be out in Feburary or early April, I won't bother. It'll just give me extra time to shiny hunt on my FireRed.
    And since I've had such a long absence, all my planned trades are completley off. Those planned trades really delayed my willingness to return because I didn't want to be bombared with "Will you trade me one please" PMs.
    Long reply. Wow o_O
    Way to busy with school. I took a long break from internet 2 years ago, and since I lost my #SPP-Wifi Half-Op Status because of my absence, I just decided to take a break from pokemon. A few months back I took up acoustic guitar and have really been enjoying it, even though I'm still a newbie. But I plan on purchasing an electric when I can afford $1000+ for a new Guitar and Amp. But with High School Water Polo and Swimming, I've been busy. And during my absence, since I didn't want my account deleted, I occasionally logged on to prevent that. I don't know what my first return post should be though. Trying to find a good thread I can hop into.
    Also, I sold my English Diamond so I lost all my shines cause I had to pay for my new DS Lite. Although I still have my Japanese Pearl in my DS (last DS game I have left. Snagged Firered though). I haven't played it for a while, and I only have 1 set of Darkrai and Shaymin that I'm holding onto until Platinum comes out.
    (Cont in next message)
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