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  • Yay!
    I have only Mystery Dungeon Blue :[
    Restarted it a week ago and I answered those questions honestly and I got a Skitty, looks like I'm really a cat type XD So yeah, I beat Rayquaza yesterday =P
    i am doubting a little bit over my leaf green file.
    i wanna do new game but...
    i still haven't caught raikou
    and i love my game.
    i can migrate my pokemon, but something is not feeling right...
    but that monster houses... they kill meD=
    no escape only deadxD
    i can reset my ds immidiatly when i am trapped in onexD
    Ahaha, yeah - I never saw this one coming. Come back in a week and see how many I end up with then xP
    Thanks! Well, I don't know about that. You've seen how quickly they shone for me, so for all you know, your next reset might Shine.

    Or maybe i'm being too hopeful for you there, but hey, you never really know ~
    I suppose that's the tease of SRing for Shinies..

    Good luck when you do SR :O
    I dunno.. What would be worse, bad nature and good IVs, or the opposite? :x
    7 / 9 / 22 / 25 / 8 / 9, they're the IVs of my Drifloon. Humm, I don't think i'll be training it anytime soon xP
    Yeah I was synching Timid, that's the Espeon's nature.

    That's a lot of Shinies, I never realized that you'd gotten so many SR-able ones =O
    You make my attempts look pretty pathetic you know ;P

    Mmm, I don't know why she turned that way, but i'm not going to hold a grudge or anything for her doing so ~

    Oh I know! And that age-old question still bugs me - how on earth does a Hariyama make a Whirlwind? :/
    Oh, well I have to go out all day now, so i'll cut it there.
    Good luck to you, and have a good day :3
    True. Careful doesn't seem too terrible though, but i'm worried about it's IVs. It's "Mischievous", so i'm seriously hoping it hasn't got a 31 in Sp. Atk with this nature .__.
    You've had quite a number of random Shinies, right? I've had a Gyarados, a hatched Eevee, and now a Drifloon - three, in almost 2000 hours of D/P playtime, and in about 1500+ hours combined in FR/LG/R/S/E I had one Hariyama that got away.
    Even after getting Drifloon so quick, I still get the feeling that i'm being swindled out of random Shinies by my games here, I swear I should have more than this by now xP

    Correct, I did ~
    Hmm, I don't really know where she's waddled off to. Unfortunately, she decided to be a b!tch and suddenly stopped talking to me for some unspecified reason, after all these months of chatting on AIM and wherever :[
    Some "friend". Maybe I was too nice for her ^____________________^

    Oh well, if that's the kind of person she really is, then it's no loss.
    *cough* Excuse my rant ^^;
    Haha, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! ^_______^
    I started counting the SRs, but I got distracted by something I was watching and lost count ^^'
    It was under 300 for sure, from when I started SRing for it again early Saturday, and about.. 3 hours, give or take.
    When the Shiny appeared, it was the first battle after going back to my game after a several hour rest. It helped to wake me up a bit xD

    Just keep telling yourself that the next one will shine. Sooner or later you'll be right about saying that xP

    Here's the picture if you want to see - (' x ')

    How many SRs have you racked up? Good luck for yours coming soon :)
    (and for the Syncher working.. Of all times for my one to fail me, it had to be then >_>)
    I want my shiny Sandsrew back... ;_;
    Hmm..who's lucky now, you or your Pearl game? ;P
    Imagine a shiny Graveller exploding in your face XD Mine is serious XP
    A normal Shinx/Luxio/Luxray looks better, I'm getting sick of all those yellow electric types :/

    Yup, just one box. Sometimes I give a shiny to my brothers, I dunno what should I do with a bunch ouf shinies that look the same (but I gave them only those shinies with sucky natures eg. Modest Glameow) =P

    Bye ~
    11 random shinies?! I saw only a shiny Sandshrew in Emerald but I didn't have any Pokeballs with me, I think I'll never forget that... ;_;
    I have only 1 box filled with shinies XD
    You're so lucky =O

    Looks like they were good XP

    OMFG! =O
    Hmm...maybe you aren't so lucky with SRing like by chaining ;P

    OH NOES! 13 is the unlucky number! *screams and runs in circles*

    *gives lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of luck... ... . .. ....and cookies* X3
    You're going to get the Drifloon in 5 minutes anyway XP
    Ugh, school's a pain >.< Good luck with the exams! ^_^
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