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  • Lol it seems like we've started something xD have you seen how many people have decided to sr for drifloon these last few days o_O or maybe I just didn't notice them all before I dunno :) You seem lucky at getting sr pokes from what I've read :O I've never even seen a random shiny in any of my games...eep :p
    Good luck with your Drifloon SRing!

    Edit: I'm cosidering Sring for it too, do you have to change the day back to Friday every day?
    Actually, I hack checked it, and it has bad IV's (except for the 30 in Sp.Def), and a Naive nature (+Spd, -Sp.Def).
    This Eurovision was just Epic Fail >_>
    Teräsbetoni were 22nd, Spain was "better" than Finland and Bosnia just ran out of ideas.

    Thanks, btw a shiny just appeared =^_^=
    Bye ~
    I think I'm going to chain them until I get bored because I want to get one with the right nature, ability and decent IVs X3
    Yes, I saw it... I was hoping that Finland would win but then they were 22nd... You know, that power metal band called Teräsbetoni with their song Missä Miehet Ratsastaa (Where The Men Ride). They are my 2nd favorite band...

    And COME ON Bosnia was doing their laundry on stage and that guy from Spain looked like Elvis with glasses >_>
    Now they all think they enter with those sick songs just because my favorite band (Lordi) won in 2006 -__-

    Thanks I already caught 6 and the chain still didn't break =D
    I need to edit my post in that pokeradar shinies thread XP

    Shiny Drifloon looks cute =3
    I admit, judging screenshots, it does seem to look good. I might go for it, but I want to complete PMD1 first.
    I've got a whole bunch of neglected and uncompleted DS games to go through, Pokémon just won't let my attention go ^^;

    Nah, that's true. It's too bad Wynaut isn't chainable ;/
    Nice going with those! So how many individual species have you chained now? I lost count :O

    Drifloon huh? You just reminded me.. I was going to spend a short while SRing for one yesterday, but I forgot >_<
    Ah, i'll try next week then.. Guess i'll go back to Uxie for now ^_^

    Good luck, I figure you're determined enough to keep going until you get one, so I hope it Shines soon ^_-
    Heya s_a! How's it going? :)
    *bows down* I thank you. I was planning on using a female Wobbuffet in a team, but all the girls were bad IVed >_<
    I get too impatient nowadays and break my chain after only 6-8 Shinies, so I had it coming. I need to try going for the big numbers like I used to ^^'

    Oh they do? xD
    What's PMD2 like? I have the first one, but I lost interest in it after a couple of hours :p
    Shiz, haven't talked to you in a while. How's the chaining going?? I've taken an extended break, because of breeding and battling, but I do chain Ditto. Keeps me in the groove LOL;P.
    Thanks, but no need for a party.
    The battery fell when I was about to take the picture.
    There are people who've seen it though.
    Yeah, from my last 3 40 chains in Diamond, I got only one shiny from each:

    Mightyena - Got 2, second used Roar
    Shinx - Just felt like breaking the chain, I have enough Shiny Shinx
    Ekans - You know the story

    I did catch 2 Shiny Glameow in Pearl last week though.
    Thank you =D

    I got a Calm Shiny Ekans after 4 resets, and the Ekans broke my chain.
    But I have a PWNSME Shiny Arbok now =D
    Hey congrats!!!! Thats up with eevee difficulty. GL for the resetting

    my pinecos only on 15, but im going off to raise to 40/break it (2nd option is more likely with this 8% pokemon).
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