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  • Hey how are you doing? Will you go back to the Croconaw avatar?

    Anyway, the real question. Since you are from UK, I wanted to know if there is any British dub or something like that. Or are you stuck with the US dub as well?
    Hey, I'm well, currently isolating for 12 weeks as a high risk person so trying to find things to do to pass the time! How are you? I'm not sure about the Croconaw avatar, as I have passed the point where I found that scene so cool.

    We have the same American dub, but we get it considerably later. I tend to watch the original with subs though, so it doesn't affect me too much!
    Umbilical Noose
    I am fine as well. What did you find interesting in it to begin with? The lockdown has been quite tough on me too even though I don't go out much. I am watching XY these days. I stopped watching past the second gym battle and was only keeping up using Episode pictures. I did watch some episodes of SM though.
    Umbilical Noose
    I am watching the original with subs as well but many times you can't focus on the subs and the video at once which leads to going back again and again.
    I should probably state that one of the upcoming TCG sets will be featuring Noivern, but much like Mewtwo's case we don't having anything else pointing towards that. So you have a massive counterpoint in terms of marketability(even ignoring massive amounts of Noivern merch in the early X/Y), but I'll still be keeping my opinion at least until the October merchandise.
    What was it you said that got you an infraction? Just curious. i
    It's cool if you don't want to talk about it.
    Glad to hear that. Whatever you want to keep doing man. I'm a decent enough driver as early 20s go, but I admit I know **** about fixing cars.
    The amount of prominence people put on pointless crap (like the BS "type diversity" on the Noibat thread) on here is hilarious
    Pikachu is the scapegoat for when things go wrong... despite being the one constant on Ash's team thus earning every right to star. Goodra leaving somehow means it needs to shine in a Gym battle. It losing to Electric only to beat Fairy would be a much bigger accomplishment
    I know we don't talk much... but I kinda feel sorry for the people hyping Goodra in the Clemont battle. If he stars fine, but I love how anyone defending Pikachu is now a Pikachu fanboy
    Don't bother answering that Flop troll, its probably Lorde or someone else alt account that is trolling because Sushi told them to stop, flop was Lorde thing back in BW, she uses that word still in her main and alt account, this is probably just another alt account of her, specially since I just noticed she has Floplucha in the username and she has called Hawlucha a flop.

    So don't bother feeding the trolling, seeing he/she posts every post with flop in it should be indication its a troll anyway.

    I seriously don't get why someone would go through the trouble of doing 2 alt accounts to troll a forum daily and troll with the main one also, seriously have to have nothing better to do.
    So it seems Ash ditched Serena in the "Date" episode to go catch a Dunsparce (or do something Pokemon related I'll actually need to watch the episode to find out). Who would have guessed that the 10 year old kid would be more interested in Pokemon than pursuing a relationship? Its just like you and I preidcted
    Indeed. Its one thing to be joking or criticizing her lack of activity before (though personally I wasn't) o fussed about it. But he just straight up seems to be advocating Serena remain submissive and discourage any hints of her doing something. It is worrying to say the least.
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