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  • Actually, i never though of that, yeah I think i will totally give that a shot. I mean, they're shiny sprites aren't as drastic and cool as say Rayquaza, Latios, or Latias, but i wouldnt mind having them still.
    Hi. Congrats on your Thundurus.
    Don't take it wrong, but it sounds like it's 'easier' to hunt that roaming shiny than the others on previous gens.
    Where do I have to save if I want to hunt one?
    Ah i see, understood. That's very lucky then, i always kind of wished my emerald had an early shiny frame that I was unaware of, as i played my way through it many years ago, long before I really understood shinies. I suppose i can get the Regis on my Sapphire still, unless the internal battery dries up...
    Hey congrats on your Thundurus, anyone who gets a roaming shiny has mad patience.
    But i also wanted to just ask you a quick question. Do not take this the wrong way as i am not questioning to sound skeptical, more so curious. your sig notes that you have shiny Rayquaza from emerald which was not an RNG clone, but how did you achieve it? did you just try various time increments from turning on your game? I ask because i have yet to catch any of the Regis on my emerald, so if there's a chance i can still get them to shine, i would be stoked.
    Congrats on Thundurus, I am mad jealous, haha! I intend to hunt him once I get that far in my White, myself. =]
    no problem ;v; it is much worth it >3< and that's really nice you got it in a luxury ball too >3<
    I'm sure you do 8'D but now it's on to the other hunts~ eventually what will you hunt next? ;v;
    thank you >3<
    Hey, how's it going? Your shiny Onix icon really caught my eye.. It's a beautiful shiny I hope to have someday. For now I'm dual SRing Azelf, just reached 2030 SRs.
    Wow, I got a little confused when I saw an unfamiliar post by "ShinyCollector", as you would guess by my name. Too bad you stole the original xD Well good luck with Omanyte anyway!
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