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  • Also, I hope I don't sound truculent with my remarks...I just think you're worrying too much about all these petty things with Darkrai. You're not doing anything wrong, and you aren't doing anything that would make the shiny Darkrai less likely to appear...it's just taking a while, that's all.
    Well, it doesn't really matter which you do; as long as you get it to re-spawn, it will be different. And since you ran away from it and you got Pokemon with different natures, you should just do that; why bother testing to see if killing it and re-spawning it will work if you know that you can just run away?

    As for your Synchronize dilemma, I can clear that up for you. Synchronize does absolutely nothing to the 1/8192 chance, so you're better off just leaving your Syncher up front. Taking your Syncher out of the front of your party won't make your shiny Darkrai appear anymore quickly. And even if it did appear shortly after you removed the Syncher from the first spot, it would be a completely and totally biased test because you didn't do as many soft resets w/o the Syncher up front as you have with it up front.
    I have gotten tons of shinies from my Emerald (at least 20), of which only one seems to be an RNG clone of another. If you keep your game on long enough, your chances of finding shinies become similar to using Ruby/Sapphire. And I tend to search for hours at a time.
    Well, I include the shiny Skarmory on my card because:

    a) Even though my cousin encountered it on his Sapphire version, he gave the game to me to catch it for him

    b) I'm the one who inspired my cousin to hunt for a shiny Skarmory in the first place

    c) My cousin wanted me to have it after he quit Pokemon

    d) It wasn't cloned when I received it because he encountered the shiny Skarmory before the cloning glitch on Emerald became popular knowledge. Thus, I am the only person with legitimate copies of the shiny Skarmory.

    That's why I include it on my trainer card. ^_^
    Yes indeed, i'm a game collector with mostly nintendo as priority. Off course there are games that arent on nintendo consoles so i have to have the others too. Like the final fantasy's on ps1 and some more games. I actully collect games when i find them for a cheap price cause if i would market value then i would have to pay to much for them. Only for a few games i pay the release price, some games i want but not right from the release i wait for like 3 months mostly they drop in price then if it's not to popular game that is. I go to flea markets to get some old retro stuff in my collection

    I've actully got alot more than i mentioned in my post. I have also 7 gba sp, and 7 gba micro. I have 3 gamecube consoles, and almost 100 games for it. Also alot of games for the wii. Ds is also a good collection and gba i have a few around 30.

    And then i have lots of other stuff like figures, pluche, and stuff like that.

    I'm going to be making a vid for youtube (maybe i'll be needing to chop it up in 2 vids.

    But mostly my pokemon collection is this:
    GBA SP Pikachu Edition
    GBA SP Groundon Edition
    3 Fire Red
    2 Leafgreen
    3 Ruby
    2 Sapphire
    3 Emerald
    3 Pearl (one jp)
    2 Diamond
    2 Platinum
    2 Soulsilver (one JP)
    1 Heartgold (second one is in the post coming to me)
    Pokemon Ranch
    Pokémon XD
    Pokémon Colloseum
    Pokémon Box (also 2 times)
    Pokémon Channel (for jirachi)
    And the ranger games for the specials in there.

    I will make a vid some day :p
    Yeah, I'm going fine, I'm going to hunt the dogs...but first I'm doing a secret M/M hunt! I'm currently at 251 eggs...
    How's your hunting going? I know it's a BIG leap for me to recently getting my first SR shiny, to now trying to hunt runners, but hey...I'll give it a good shot!
    SC7...I've done it...I've REALLY done it! I have got my first ever SR Shiny! And what a blessing! Guess what it was? It was Totodile! After ONLY 76 SR's! YES! I hope you get yours today....I feel sorry you've had to do the amount of SR's I was convinced I'd have to do as well, but NO! I have it! A cute little Shiny female Totodile! Thanks for your support in all my hunts...like Paras, I truly apprecite it...I guess, if it wasn't for you I'd have stopped shiny hunting...plainly because I thought I was SO bad at it! But you kept encouraging me...Thanks for that! I'm not a fail shiny hunter after all!
    Cool, I just got SS today but I havn't started SRing...I've got homework! I can't wait to start playing it though! *stupid essay!* And you really don't wanna come here! Terrible government, cold, gray sky (endlessly!), forever raining and trees that never have leaves on them. It really does remind you of a horror scene! You're lucky to live in the US! I one day want to move there...I've never been to America before, but we're finally going there next year to Orlando! Looking forward to it! Good Luck! (You're right though, we are getting it A LOT earlier than expected!)
    Thanks! Hope you do find Totodile! (I live in the UK so I've got 3 days to wait still...) To be honest, I completely don't see the point in America getting the games before everyone else! We're all english, we all speak the same language! (With the few acceptions for America as they have a few different words). The point is, you're American right? You can understand me, so why can't they release the games in all the countries (America, UK, Australia etc) at the same time! It's stupid, totally stupid! Anyway, yeah...Good Luck!
    Wow, congratulations on the Bulbasaur and Roselia! : D March Madness is going awesome for you!

    Rub some of your luck on me~ =<=

    Any future hunts?
    Congrats again on your shiny Bulbasaur.

    Ironically, my shiny Bulbasaur was my very first March Madness shiny back in 2008, lol.
    Thank you for the congrats and I wish you good luck on your shiny Bulbasaur. Hopefully it doesn't take forever like mine.
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