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  • Oh, I hated trying to find shiny patches! Especially when it took forever. One time it took 2 hours of constant resetting at 40 to get one to show up. :(

    Thank you! It is a long hunt for Snivy. I've been doing it on and off since October. Good luck on your Cyndaquil!

    Gyarados is already a really good Pokemon. But with Moxie it is so much better because once you kill a Pokemon, your attack is raised. Then if you kill another one you're basically unstoppable.

    Rumble is really nice for shiny hunting. I have Charmeleon, Raichu, Dewgong, Venomoth, Tangela, Infernape, Pikachu, Exeggutor, and Nidoking all shiny from Rumble. I've only had it since last Saturday. <3
    PokeRadar used to be so hard for me. But after awhile it gets really easy. Shuko's tutorial really helped me, now I get tons of shinies from PokeRadar. I don't put them in my signature though.

    Mine..well, my Abra hunt got over 2000 today. I see 83 Pokemon per SR, and I only did 25 SRs but that adds up to 2075 Pokemon seen. I suspended my Snivy hunt at 960 eggs, this is because I finally got a female DW Magikarp. I want a Shiny Gyarados with Moxie! lol

    I am too lazy to get on my Wii for Rumble.

    I should just die, I'm obviously a bad person. I don't deserve to be around other people, all I do is start arguments. It's completely pointless to even try anymore. Every single time this happens. Every time. Why do I even try?
    Doesn't really help with Zabi constantly jumping my throat though..which really isn't helping the mood problem. :(
    I'm sorry for being so rude to you, I haven't been in a good mood lately. :( Although that isn't an excuse, it's a bit of an explanation.

    Sorry again for being mean. D:
    I'd like to hope that I'd be welcomed warmly if I choose to return. :)

    How are your hunts going? I went straight to Lugia once Kyogre shone, so I've been working on him and nothing else. o:
    While I admit that some of your posts really did frustrate me, you weren't the reason I left. ^^; I've been planning on leaving for quite some time, it's just not the same place that it used to be.
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