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Last Activity:
Jul 25, 2018
Apr 3, 2006
Likes Received:
In the ghetto with my shinies.
Student by day; shiny hunter at all times.

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Arriving glacially., from In the ghetto with my shinies.

ShinyFufu was last seen:
Jul 25, 2018
    1. Aqua_Maiden
      Hey.. Hope you've been great
    2. Dimentio
      ShinyFuFu! I know we weren't all that close, but I'd like to think that if I made a grand return you'd remember me at least a little. Well, my grand return is now! And I'm trying to reconnect with as many SPPfers as possible!
    3. LordSemaj
      Hey brother. Let's chat soon. What is the chat site of choice nowadays?
    4. Aqua_Maiden
      Hello. Just stopping by to say hi. :)
    5. Heliotrope
      Yeah, most of them seem to be on youtube, I think (and on various threads on Serebii)
      There's also this forum:http://shinyhuntersunited.forumotion.com/ which I haven't visited for ages, because I've only just managed to remember my password for it. ^^;
    6. Heliotrope
      Hi, haven't seen you here in a while. I'm doing ok - still shiny hunting. :)
    7. QingQuilli
      can i join your club?
    8. Heliotrope
      I'm glad to know it was you. But this is kind of annoying, since I recently restarted White, so now I have a new Dream World ID on that game. My new name is "HELIOTROPE".
      If I come across your island again, I'll send you a new dream pal request. ^_^
    9. Heliotrope
      Hey, Fufu. I was just playing on the Pokemon Dream World, and I came across an island called "ShinyFufu". I was wondering if this was your DW island? Well, I hope it is, because I sent you a dream pal request. ^^; (my name on there is FafnerYaoi)
    10. Kalosian
      Saw you on my old contact list, not sure if you remember me as we haven't talked in years. Thought I might send you a "new" friend request if that is okay.
    11. DarkDragon
      I didn't attack you. Sorry if you were hurt. Just see my comment today to Pokerealm. I won't be bothering you again, former friend.

      As a total aside, I found a shiny Nincada on Emerald while breeding Houndour today - which was the entire reason I signed on to the Forum today, and found tons of negative VMs. Got my back up, but now things are cooled off.
    12. Zabi
      LOL DarkDragon attacked you too. This is why I am stopping my use of Serebii.
    13. Stocking
      Congrats on the Lugia, such a pretty shiny :3
    14. ShinyDoug
      Congrats on Lugia! I'll watch the video later.
    15. Ivyon
      Out of curiousity, what was your tactic you mentioned for Lugia?
    16. ChaoticInverse
      Congrats on the Mandibuzz and the Lugia, it's always cool seeing people get two shinies within the same day.
    17. Heliotrope
      Yep, I have already made that preparation, actually. ^^; But thanks for the suggestion.
    18. Pucca_ness
      I suppose most hobbies are like that... I don't have much of a hobby outside of pokemon so I can't comment on them but i'm sure people have varied tastes within one hobby.

      I think it's interesting too and it makes for some interesting discussion and heated debates concerning things like RNG, Chaining and what makes a challenging way to hunt.

      I'm sure i'll warm to REing, it's technically just like SRing but you're not resetting the game (or frame). I just can't seem to get into it as much as Eggs or SR.
      It is more exciting with B+W's double grass I think, everytime a Petilil appears I think it's shiny :P They're so similar to normal in colour. Also if I get two of the same pokemon I think one looks slightly different to the other for a split second, dunno why but they just do to me.
    19. stardust121
      oh wow haha >_< . i didnt think of that. i was thinking that you recorded it showing up in a battle, paused it, and took a picture from that
    20. stardust121
      congrats on the paras. i really like the picture you took with the sparkles haha. its tough getting the timing right in FR/LG and the picture looks clear
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    In the ghetto with my shinies.
    Student by day; shiny hunter at all times.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    School gets in the way of shiny hunting. I've got the blues. =(

    Basketball, talking with friends, shiny hunting.