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  • ShinyFuFu! I know we weren't all that close, but I'd like to think that if I made a grand return you'd remember me at least a little. Well, my grand return is now! And I'm trying to reconnect with as many SPPfers as possible!
    I'm glad to know it was you. But this is kind of annoying, since I recently restarted White, so now I have a new Dream World ID on that game. My new name is "HELIOTROPE".
    If I come across your island again, I'll send you a new dream pal request. ^_^
    Hey, Fufu. I was just playing on the Pokemon Dream World, and I came across an island called "ShinyFufu". I was wondering if this was your DW island? Well, I hope it is, because I sent you a dream pal request. ^^; (my name on there is FafnerYaoi)
    Saw you on my old contact list, not sure if you remember me as we haven't talked in years. Thought I might send you a "new" friend request if that is okay.
    I didn't attack you. Sorry if you were hurt. Just see my comment today to Pokerealm. I won't be bothering you again, former friend.

    As a total aside, I found a shiny Nincada on Emerald while breeding Houndour today - which was the entire reason I signed on to the Forum today, and found tons of negative VMs. Got my back up, but now things are cooled off.
    I suppose most hobbies are like that... I don't have much of a hobby outside of pokemon so I can't comment on them but i'm sure people have varied tastes within one hobby.

    I think it's interesting too and it makes for some interesting discussion and heated debates concerning things like RNG, Chaining and what makes a challenging way to hunt.

    I'm sure i'll warm to REing, it's technically just like SRing but you're not resetting the game (or frame). I just can't seem to get into it as much as Eggs or SR.
    It is more exciting with B+W's double grass I think, everytime a Petilil appears I think it's shiny :p They're so similar to normal in colour. Also if I get two of the same pokemon I think one looks slightly different to the other for a split second, dunno why but they just do to me.
    oh wow haha >_< . i didnt think of that. i was thinking that you recorded it showing up in a battle, paused it, and took a picture from that
    congrats on the paras. i really like the picture you took with the sparkles haha. its tough getting the timing right in FR/LG and the picture looks clear
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