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Last Activity:
Jul 25, 2018
Apr 3, 2006
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In the ghetto with my shinies.
Student by day; shiny hunter at all times.

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Arriving glacially., from In the ghetto with my shinies.

ShinyFufu was last seen:
Jul 25, 2018
    1. crystalzapdos
      Thats a long hunt for your Paras.

      Also, where do you get your shiny banner?
    2. LoneStarAkira
      Congratulations on finally getting your shiny Paras! That bugger's been a long time coming; I remember you starting that hunt so long ago. o__o
    3. Pucca_ness
      Congrats on the Paras! That is a lot of encounters, plus a Big Mushroom! Yay!!
    4. Ferfie
      Yeah I did move it to my HG, simply because I was just worried something happening to my LG, not that I have any reason to. It's just with the DS cartridges i feel like they're slightly safer and perhaps less prone to some kind of game/save file erasing error. (again not that it would, because i don't hack or cheat or anything, it's just a personal thing)
      but Yeah, having a shiny Starmie taking on the E4 in Johto is definitely in the future.

      I definitely support the idea of you hunting it as, given the amount of time you've put into it, you definitely deserve to be rewarded with one. However, if it is more effective to wait in White, that makes much more sense.
    5. Terra Force
      Terra Force
      Yeah it doesn't matter, Carvhana or Sharpedo. And I think I might try Snorunt. Thanks for the suggestion.
    6. Ferfie
      Unfortunately I haven't evolved it yet, Starmie is a dream shiny, so I'll have to soon, I just wanted to move it to a game i could play through with it. Are you still going to hunt a Staryu, or has that been shelved for now?
      Also major congrats on getting that shiny Torkoal too!
    7. Pucca_ness
      Thankyou for the friend request xD
    8. Pucca_ness
      Currently SRing on my SS for Rayquaza for my Black shiny collection, not kept tally of SRs r even time spent on it. Around 7 or 8 hours of SRing so far so it's in the early stages. The next MM hunt will be for either Trapinch or Horsea OR I might go back to the Squirtle hunt I abandoned a while ago.

      *looks at below comments* You got Torkoal!? Congrats once again! You've been after that one for a while haven't you? Even closer to your fire type shiny collection. =3 Yay!
    9. ChaoticInverse
      Wow, congrats on the Torkoal. Can I just say that you have crazy awesome luck? anyway once again congrats on the Torkoal, must be nice to get it after so long and so soon after growlithe.
    10. Ivyon
      Thanks! I can't believe I did either. I keep checking my games to ensure they are really there and I'm not just dreaming or something. It's so nice to be done with them after being stuck at em for a few months.

      And glad you were inspired~ I wish you luck with it!
    11. squishynz
      Your growlithe. Words don't even begin to.....

      Wow BIG congrats.

      I'm hunting for HG starter (hoping for Chiko) and breeding for tropius. I only recently picked up on how similar they are and would love to get them both
    12. Pucca_ness
      WOW that Growlithe is AMAZING! You are so lucky! I also didn't realise it wasn't a MM till later which makes it so much more amazing and stupidly, wonderfully quick!

      Congratulations!!! xD You got two gold shinies in a row :P Unless you got somehting after Swablu and i've missed it. :p
    13. Nutter t.KK
      Nutter t.KK
      Just a reminder you've got some limited Moderation ability on your VM board.
    14. Chibi_Muffin
      That Growlithe you got was awesome! Congrats!
    15. LoneStarAkira
      Hehe, you might want to edit your copypasta on the French hunting forum. You address Profile on there yet she isn't a member. ;D

      'Grats, though!
    16. Ferfie
      Just wanted to congrats you on your Growlithe, it's a Bad *** shiny (at the very least as Arcanine, because Arcanine itself is Bad ***). That said whilst reading your post, i hadn't realized that you had not MM'd till the latter part, so i was quite confused as to why you, a veteran shiny hunter, considered this a short hunt. Needless to say i soon realized my error, and must reiterate: Congratulations.
    17. Pucca_ness
      Thankyou! You are so kind. =] I was very determined to get it before the E4 even with the long hatch time. Can't wait to start training him! Will need to get rid of the other eggs first, I don't like them sitting in my boxes taking my room up.

      It was Masuda but dang it took so long! It was frustrating due to all the nice quick MM Axews popping up all over the place when I started hunting it.

      I am very happy with my Axew =3

      Congrats on the Swablu btw, I'm terrible at remembering to return the congrats i'm given. >.< xxx
    18. G-Money
      Thanks for the extra info! I didn't know that you had to KO a Pokemon for it to count.

      And yeah, the radar thing really is only good for radar exclusives you can't get another way, maybe for a Safari Zone Pokemon or something.
    19. squishynz
      Thank you so much!

      Yeah it is a great weight off my shoulders and i am so glad i stuck through till the end. Synch worked and all so this baby is going to be my star.

      I see you finally got your swablu :) You have been hunting for that for so long. Really glad you finally got it too.

      So what's the plan now? Still going after torkoal?
    20. Ampharos_Spark
      Thanks! That Zorua picture stemmed from my slight paranoia, after 3000+ eggs, that some of the normal Zoruas I was hatching were actually shiny ones pretending to be normal ones. Also congrats on your shiny Tepig!
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    In the ghetto with my shinies.
    Student by day; shiny hunter at all times.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    School gets in the way of shiny hunting. I've got the blues. =(

    Basketball, talking with friends, shiny hunting.