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Last Activity:
Jul 25, 2018
Apr 3, 2006
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In the ghetto with my shinies.
Student by day; shiny hunter at all times.

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Arriving glacially., from In the ghetto with my shinies.

ShinyFufu was last seen:
Jul 25, 2018
    1. Pikawho?
      I have a feeling that's it's one of those things that everyone is thinking but nobody wants to bring up. lol

      It's just a personal goal of mine and it'd be cool if everyone was supporting each other. It'd help to get rarer shinies (stuff that you're too lazy to SR for but someone else has). We'll see how people react to the idea.
    2. Keruso
      Ugh, I'm at 1758 for this pig, I REALLY want him to shine so I can play and get the rest of my shiny team
    3. Aqua_Maiden
      It has been a long time! lol. How are you?
    4. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
      Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
      Cooollllllll Profile pic.!!! Way Coollllll!!!!!
    5. Mence Master
      Mence Master
      Cool story, bro. Simply amazing. It was so touching that I think even I was about to shed a tear.

      Grow up. Face the real world. The real world involves nothing of Pokemon, and has no place in it. The real world involves work and maturity, not sitting pressing buttons all day to get some retarded pixel.

      And frankly, I don't give a damn wether or not I will be missed by a bunch of little kids. I don't care if someone in there is 10 or 20, they all act like little children. Instead of just regarding me as an assclown and blowing it off, you all get your little panties in a bunch and start crying. Again, take a step into the real world. Then again, if you get upset by something someone says on a Pokemon website, then you'll probably fail pretty badly in the real world.
    6. Mence Master
    7. Twilit Dragoon
      Twilit Dragoon
      Thank you =).

      Unfortunately, I didn't count my SRs(I only count eggs, counting SRs got too tedious). If I were to guess, anywhere between 800-1500 SRs, or about 24 hours total(I have way too much time on my hands :P)
    8. Pokerealm
      I agree, there are a lot of Christian people around here, so it's really disrespectful indeed.

      He also didn't write the pledge the way he should, so he'll get two strikes once he does join correctly. I'll also tell him that the God thing wasn't funny.

      Technically, he broke 2 rules so I can't really ban him, but I think he'll be warned enough with 2 strikes.

      Thanks for your concerns~
    9. DarkDragon
      I saw Profile's list of Pokemon programmed never to be shiny, including Zorua. Can it be shiny through breeding?
    10. Zabi
      Taking the cake. ;D
    11. Zabi
      Sorry, I see why you thought I meant this month. I put 'this month' instead of 'February'. ^^;
    12. Zabi
      She won the February award, not March.
    13. Notchy The Pichu
      Notchy The Pichu
      Hi I've always wanted to become a shiny hunter but have never really had the time until now I've started SRing for a shiny charmander but haven't had any luck yet. Any tips for a beginner shiny hunter? Also i already have some shinys i got super lucky and was in the car with my brother and caught the bird trio all shiny and i never had have or will have a AR. Thanks :D
    14. mrrrrrrr KENNEDY
      mrrrrrrr KENNEDY
      Ha don't worry Fufu I will be =) I never thought it would turn out that well. I think i'll start a new one tonight but it won't be finished until Wednesday due to IRL stuff.
    15. DarkDragon
      Um, ya. New club. I'm out. Profile and Suicune are a rude pair, and I want nothing to do with them. Enjoy what's left of the legacy. I'll probably post now and then when I need to share about a new shiny, but otherwise, I think the new club is off and running with a nasty and sarcastic tone.
    16. Ferfie
      just out of curiosity, where is this french shiny hunting community (if that's the right word for it) located? not to sound like a questioning dingus, but because I'm genuinely interested.
    17. iDatBoi
      Um. Where is the other shiny club thing? I wanted to show my new shiny i just got yesterday on pokemon white. Lol Sorry i haven't been around, things got pretty busy here x.x
    18. Zabi
      Vote accounted for. ;3
    19. Chocoloboo
      thanks a bunch fufu! It was a pretty taxing hunt but I was definitely not giving up on it, besides I got shinies out of it that I would'nt have minded getting as extras aha :D
    20. squishynz
      Hey fufu how have you been? Reading through your VMs i see you got a shiny geodude? Where did you pick that up? Are you still after torkoal?

      Me personally i am SRing heatran like crazy trying to get it before BW. Hope that you can enjoy shiny hunting again now that you aren't running the club.
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    In the ghetto with my shinies.
    Student by day; shiny hunter at all times.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    School gets in the way of shiny hunting. I've got the blues. =(

    Basketball, talking with friends, shiny hunting.