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Last Activity:
Jul 25, 2018
Apr 3, 2006
Likes Received:
In the ghetto with my shinies.
Student by day; shiny hunter at all times.

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Arriving glacially., from In the ghetto with my shinies.

ShinyFufu was last seen:
Jul 25, 2018
    1. DarkDragon
      Like all vacations, it was too short. Just as soon as I started to feel relaxed (and forget how the only person I can't stand at work is one of my bosses), it was time to go home. Oh, well. How's school this year? College soon?
    2. ArcanineTrainer
      Good luck then, you deserve a quick hunt
    3. DarkDragon
      Got home from vacation. My last post didn't make much sense, as I was excited by the FIRST pokemon I encountered that day was a shiny Smeargle. Now I see the Club closed. Ok, I haven't been around much. Mostly I was staying away because too many people blamed my strictness with rules as the cause for killing the last iteration of the club. Now the club dies for lack of Owner control? I'm totally confused. What's up with all this? Feel free to PM me...
    4. ArcanineTrainer
      Hey congrats on the shiny Geodude! Pretty long hunt. Are you going to continue to hunt there for a shiny Torkoal?
    5. LucarioMan101
      Are you still going to be in the club?
    6. LucarioMan101
      I just have to say that you were a great owner and im kinda sad that you arent going to be it anymore :/
    7. Iron Beast
      Iron Beast
      masonok, you've broken the rules so many times, it's clear that you didn't even bother to read them. Do not post here again.
      isnt that a bit harsh? i dont wana tell you wat to do but cut him some slack, hes new. new-new. hes just starting. why dont you ask him to delete his posts and try to apply correctly. im sure hes sry for it. just dont be so harsh. true he broke many rules but he probably was too exited to read them. maybe he didint see them. just plz go easy on him. i dont want to tell you how to run the club but still.
    8. Cutty
      Hi, thanks!

      Yeah, I've been so lucky, my targets shone earlier so I can speed up to other targets.
      But if you have more time to hunt like me I'm sure you'll get more shinies too this year.^^

      I read about things that happen in the club, how good members are leaving and all.
      You have my sympathy. I mean, you could just leave and stay in YT, but you didn't.
      The club, especially this forum needs ppl like you. Who else going to care about it? Other hunters only care about their hunts.
      So great job on holding up and keep strong. Also good choices for the new co owners =)

      Good luck on your all hunts as usual! =>

      p.s: one of my personal targets in to beat your shiny collection actually =p
    9. Corroded Arceus
      Corroded Arceus
      Why thankyou. :) Draconia is a special shiny to me, so I wanted something to commemorate getting her.
      Good luck on your hunts!
    10. Yanappu
      Why is Poseidon allowed to post after breaking a rule within a week of him joining, but other people got banned for 2 weeks when they did it (like shining porygon2)? Poseidon actually broke two rules too (but only got a strike for one.)

      I don't want to sound rude, I just thought the point of the trial period rule was the cut out people who break the rules..
    11. Zabi
      Oh, ok! Sorry, I misunderstood that new rule.
      Thank you for correcting me in the future.
    12. typhlusion
      ok thanks i really wated one yours is awesome
    13. typhlusion
      hey how do you get your thing where you show your shiny i would like to do some similar if you dont mind of course
    14. Miror
      Hey Fufu, good choice on the co-owners, those two were the ones who came to mind when I read your post! Good luck in your hunts!
    15. Zabi
      As said by the two below me, I agree with your post. Its a shame that the club has come to this...
    16. ScorpionX
      Awesome post dude, i completely agree.

      Sometimes i think we should just cut our losses and make our own shiny forum off site somewhere, and only tell the veteran members we know we can trust. The n00biness of the club has reached new heights .

      Guess we could see if this new rule actually does any good first *shrug*
    17. Ivyon
      Great post dude. Just awesome~ :3

      Also that little picture thingy with the three johto shiny starters is really neat.
    18. Vis_Mage
      Hey, how dod you make your shinycard in your siggy (The one that shows all your shinys, and how you got them). Is there a website to make them?
    19. shining porygon2
      shining porygon2
      ... of the shiny club, of course!
    20. shining porygon2
      shining porygon2
      I shining porygon2, hereby ackknowledge that i have read all of the fourum and club rules and agree to abide by them. anyone can tell me about their shinys!
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    In the ghetto with my shinies.
    Student by day; shiny hunter at all times.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    School gets in the way of shiny hunting. I've got the blues. =(

    Basketball, talking with friends, shiny hunting.