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Last Activity:
Jul 25, 2018
Apr 3, 2006
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In the ghetto with my shinies.
Student by day; shiny hunter at all times.

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Arriving glacially., from In the ghetto with my shinies.

ShinyFufu was last seen:
Jul 25, 2018
    1. eddy963
      Hi i am eddy963 i want to join the shiny hunter club.
    2. Keruso
      ah, well, i didnt think id change your mind anyway. i did get my point across though. thanks for hearing me out
    3. Keruso
      well, im not as PO'd as i was yesterday, so this may not be as bad as you may think

      i had thought a "one-liner" was one line of text without any type of punctuation. Arceus-sama does that all the time and i haven't seen anyone give him/her any strikes yet. yeah, we keep telling him/her to stop posting them, but s/he still does it from time to time. now, in my case, i wasnt completely sure of what the Masuda standards were, so i posted, what i thought, were two lines of text after quoting someone. i didnt have any significant update at that time, other than hatching a few eggs and getting in a few random encounters.

      i think that's it. if i think of something else, i'll send you a message.

      i should have been on the debate club in high school ;)
    4. Keruso
      i could have said a lot more that was on my mind at the time. i can get real nasty if need be, but i held my..........typing fingers? and took the strike. better than being banned
    5. LucarioMan101
      Wow. We kind of have opposite luck. When I was looking for a shiny zangoose on my ruby in november, I ended up getting swablu. lol I mean, I'm happy about it, but I would still like a zangoose....they look epic. Hope you get your swablu though! :D
    6. kill and run
      kill and run
      Oh alright, i think i heard of that b4, so like if i use a Jap ditto and an english poke, the chances will be decreased? hmmm sounds like a future shiny hunt! how has shiny hunting been for you?
    7. kill and run
      kill and run
      Hey, did you get my last Visitor msg re: The masuda method?
    8. Lorde
      Yep. I figure that it'll make things easier.
    9. ShinyDoug
      Haha that is ironic. Fortunately I can't get banned for a 1-liner here.
    10. kill and run
      kill and run
      Hey, how have you been? i havent shiny hunted in a while, can you just fill me in on what the Masuda method is?
    11. Pucca_ness
      Nope it was Masuda, felt like it took an age as i was doing it over 4 months but not much over a thousand eggs. Sorry it's not as super special as could be =P (but she's super special to me)

      I will be more active in the club if it would help and keep members in check, i don't want it going to pot, you've done so well to keep it going so far.
    12. DarkDragon
      Hey, Fufu. I'm planning to monitor thhe club more closely for a while. I'venbeen staying out of things for the most part, but the disaster unleased since MM admitted his deceit has led to a bit of chaos in the club

      My biggest problem is that I have no idea who is a member these days. Is there an updated member list?
    13. kirkeastment
      Hiya ShinyFufu.

      I am sincerely sorry to have to do this to you, but i'm going to have to hand in my co-ownership title of the SPC.

      Besides not really having the time anymore to handle the clubs problems, i just really don't know whether or not i'm even going to continue playing the games at this stage.

      I've played maybe 2 hours since christmas, and even before that my motivation to play was waining.

      Again sorry to have to do this, but i just can't devote time to a club i no longer feel a tie to.

      If i could suggest someone to take over my position i would nominate Pokerealm or Heliotrope. They both appear to have a very clear idea of the rules and Pokerealm has shown he knows how to apply them correctly.

      I'll probably make a club post in the coming days to tell the other club members of this decision, or if you feel its more appropriate, you can mention it in your next club post, either way is fine with me.
    14. Ampharos_Spark
      Thanks! It took a while to recolor all of those Mystery Dungeon sprites.
    15. Yanappu
      When people break rules in your club, what should I do? I don't feel comfortable leaving it alone, because from what I can tell you're the only person who can issue strikes that actually goes in there more than just occasionally. Is there some way to report it to you? :/
    16. Cutty
      Ow, you got shiny Houndour, nice, and being 1/8192 hatched shiny is rare, great job.^^

      You know, I was curious and checked, Gible has 15% encounter rate on D/P and 20% on Plat, so I think you still have a good chance of running into the shiny.
      I thought it had only like 1% chance, like Fijirion on B/W o.O I use it in my White team btw. It's so hard even to find the normal form.

      No, I don't SR Cobalon w/ a synchronizer as I haven't finished my game to pokeshift any synzers. But I collected some Munas in my Black, but I haven't got the adamant one.

      And no, I'm not from the states. I'm pure asian, part of Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian, like Obama.^^

      Are you african american? I wonder, since you ever mentioned bout your parents come from Africa.
    17. Cutty
      2000 encounters is not "hard work" at all...
      Actually true. But for non-shiny hunters, it's even difficult to do 1,000 encounters.

      Here, something to see.
      It's supposed to be my first epic shiny Oshawott video but I couldn't upload the whole 4 minute video since it too long and I'm lazy =p
      Maybe in the future if I have mastered the whole uploading/editting, I might upload good shiny videos and join the YT shiny hunter community.
      Or maybe not, I don't think I am a community/club material.

      Anyway, thanks for the congrats and Congrats as well on your shiny Bronzor.
      I thought u had gotten shiny Gible by seeing your avatar o.O

      My fave fifth gen shinies are basically all that have flashy colors or at least not flashy but my fave pokemon.
      I have caught shiny Tepig (Emboar), Desumasu (Desukan), Koromori (Kokoromori), Kurumiru and Oshawott (Futhacimaru). And I'm working on Cobalon now on White, it's supposed to shiny any time now since I've passed 6k, and RE on Black.

      Good luck on all your hunts.^^
    18. Yanappu
      Congrats on the Houndour. You got it without the Masuda Method right? If so, you're very lucky!
    19. ChaoticInverse
      Hmm but getting the breloom and (especially considering how many eggs it took) the riolu must have been worth it, they're both really nice looking shinies too. I think If I was doing this without masuda method I probably would have given up along time ago. My luck isn't that good, especially with random shinies.
    20. Heliotrope
      Thanks. No, the shiny Pokabu was a Masuda method shiny.
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    In the ghetto with my shinies.
    Student by day; shiny hunter at all times.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    School gets in the way of shiny hunting. I've got the blues. =(

    Basketball, talking with friends, shiny hunting.