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  • Thank you~ It's really tricky to draw 19 shinies on one page! xD

    I wonder if he'll get Ho-Oh before I get the picture finished too! I've already coloured in the background so I can't add him in. How have you been lately?
    I saw your post in the Shiny Club, and I was wondering the same thing. I found Profile's post on page 47 saying:

    "We may need a list of what games you'll be playing and the name and ID of each game. Sure, it may seem like a lot, BUT, it could potentially stop some cheaters from just getting a shiny from a relative."

    I'm still deciding if I should enter or not. Good luck on your hunts :)
    Thanks for the congrats! I practically started the hunt as soon as I beat the main story line and I’m really happy that I got him.
    The duo was Semaj's idea, you got to ask him about it. He decided to lean towards legends only. I'm not throwing him under the bus, but, that was his idea, and, I wanted to include things like Solrock/Lunatone and Lotad/Seedot, etc.

    But uh yeah, hit it up with him, see what he says!
    Actually, we were considering maybe next month, letting the members decide. We'd randomly choose four Pokemon, and the members would vote for it.

    What do you think of that? Opinions are always welcome.
    Well, this month it will be Zorua due to it being the mascot. Just thought it should be one.
    Thanks Fufu!! Means a lot. =]
    That's my first ever 'fast hunt'. They usually take forever. P:
    Definitely! We'd really only miss out on 5 or so entries anyways so it's still worth doing even if it's not 100% complete. =/
    Awh thanks! Man your name is so familiar to me now :p I lurk too much haha..

    I drew it! I sketched it out lightly in pencil, outlined it pen, erased the pencil, then colored it in :] I really appreciate it!

    How're you doing?!
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