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  • Ok, I understand. I was just... um, I don't know. I put the Timid synchronizer back in front and am still SRing. I wish I knew how many SRs I've done. I'm guessing it's over 19800, but that's a VERY rough estimate, as I didn't really think about my SR count from 5k to 10k. I'm just a bit disapointed I won't be able to officially declare it my longest hunt, but I guess I can based on the estimate, once it passes 21000 or so. It took me at least that many total starters between both SoulSilver to find a shiny, which ended up being my 2nd Cyndaquil.

    I realize my Darkrai hunt is just a case of bad luck, and I need to persevere. Thanks for your help. Also, I definitely don't plan on defeating it and coming back, as there is no need :p
    No, no, no - your word IS good enough. I just didn't remember if you defeated Darkrai or ran from it (I did the latter). That aside, I decided to switch my synchronizer out of the first slot, hoping to bring ANY natured shiny. I don't know if synchronize on average makes shinies a little bit harder to get (it's just speculation, but I'm testing this out) but I'm hoping Darkrai will shine soon.
    Lol, you do have a point. I do say stuff like "Nobody cares", but that's because I don't care about the thing that they're posting about, but I do care about the fact that they're posting it, because it irritates me. If that makes any sense.

    I lurk on facebook while I SR, and see alot of annoying comments. But yeah, when I wrote that, I did have my game on, but had happened apon a particularly annoying post and had to put the game down to rant.

    Good luck with your hunts, anyhow! Hopefully that Heatran decides to shine soon, along with my Ho-Oh!
    Thanks for the offer, but I've got to mess with the security settings of the router to get online and I don't get much of a chance to do that. :-/

    I can get one myself, it just means forcing my way through one of the GBA games, though I might try and catch Suicune/Latias in something else which means I wouldn't have to. ^^ Thanks again, though.
    I have been having some trouble with it. Pain goes and comes. Cant eat properly. (After i've eaten its like my belly is going to explode). They've checked my blood and stuff. And i'm just back from the hospital from a gastroscopy (camera in my stomach). Which wasent so pleasant but it needed to be done. Still they did not found anything out of the ordinary only that a part of my stomach is a bit red (which is prolly just an small infenction => nothing to worry about). So yeah, now it's only to wait for the longer tests (bacterum tests) which takes around a week. If they dont find something there it's prolly another examination or something.

    Atm it's not life threatening as they cant seem to locate what the problem is. (It's not that i don't believe in docters/medicines or anything.)

    Oh well i'm blabling, prolly the sedative still working :).
    Yes indeed, it's been very crazy for me these past few weeks. Oh well prolly due to have bad luck with my health lately. Tomorrow i need to go back to the hospital for another checkup of my stomach.

    I must say i'm not to psyched about the zigzagoon it's an nice shiny but i would have been more happy if it was pooch or seedot. It would have been crazy if it was ralts or surskit but i know thats to much to ask from the shiny gods :). I might hunt on route 102 again some day.

    Oh and maybe this is odd but i'm thinking of using this zigzagoon as a HM slave :) to play through my game. Then it has 2 purposes, pickup + HM slave.

    Anyways i prolly wont be hunting alot tomorrow i'm not sure how long it's going be in the hospital. Normally i should be home at midday, but i might be not in the mood of hunting if i get some bad results from the tests.
    Thanks Also congrats to you on the Shiny Totodile and this secret shiny :) (i'm dying to know which one it is). Atm i'm gonna leave it as eevee. We might get some new cool eeveelutions in the 5th gen. I now need to find a new target to hunt when i'm on the road :).
    Hmm, that makes enough sense to me! I had a shiny Weedle (my first of the two) on FR when my cousin borrowed it. He migrated it and used it to breed for a shiny Surskit... or at least attempt to (he thought he'd try using a shiny parent for the hell of it). But when he quit Pokemon (for the most part) I traded for his shinies, even the Radar ones which I later released (only the common ones, like Flaaffy, Geodude...). Btw, sorry for all the parenthesis, haha. Anyway, you mean if the Skarmory had been cloned and someone else had had legitimate copies of it you wouldn't consider it one of your shinies? I get that.
    Quick question, i didn't want to ask this on the forum since its off topic, but do you know a site i can order pokemon black and white when they are released in japan?
    So your shiny card says you got shiny Skarmory in a trade. I'm just a bit confused why you would count it toward your total amount of shinies though.
    sweet. i really need one since im not planning on resetting my platinum version anytime soon that would be a big help to complete a secret team I'm creating to battle a friend of mine =D awesome.
    Hell yeah fufu huge congrats you made it to 3k and some change and finally got that shiny lucario big big congrats man. oh btw when ever i get the chance to get my wifi back up and running would you mind trading me a riolu? i cant get one due to the fact i dont have it on my platinum anymore.
    Thank you for that info. I wasn't sure if anyone was familiar with it or not. Being the Shiny Pokemon club... well I thought most of you would be.
    Congrats on the slugma and trapinch there Fufu. 2 Great shiny's. You hunted trapinch on ruby route 111 right? But it's only 35% there so it could have been any of the route 111 pokémons? or am i missing something?
    Football World Cup, or soccer they usually call it in US.
    I understand soccer/football isn't that popular there.
    Sorry if I post 1 or 2 liners about it as I notice some ppl there like football.
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