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  • Nice battles; it's seems like you have improved from last time. (I don't understand the point of some of your moves though, such as having Jellicent use Rain Dance when it was nearly KO'd, using Oder Sleuth on all of my pokemon instead of just Sableye, etc.) For some reason I always seem to underestimate Stoutland. Also I'm kind of wondering why you went to trade at the end; were you trying to show off some favorite shinies or something (to go with my random shiny team maybe?)
    Sorry, didn't even know you were on (I just thought you wouldn't get on after a while waiting and left). I should be on shortly. Just message me when you are ready.
    I don't think I'll be able to get back on today. If you are available tomorrow everything should be fixed then. I got you that Gothita though, Bold with a 31 in Defense.
    -I thought it could have been a in-game team because it almost seemed randomly put together with weird movesets, though maybe I'm just too competitively minded. Sorry if you took offense to that, I didn't mean it as a bad comment or anything.

    -I'm okay with trading those. I might actually have a leftover Gothita from a shiny hunt with good IVs I could give you, I have to check.

    -Pretty cool shinies, I would've SR'd for the Muskadeers myself had I started shiny hunting then.

    -And thanks for the battle and stuff too. Took a while to get started, but at least next time it should go smoother.
    I just have one junk Yamask, but you can just keep the Dewott; I don't need it. About the battles: Next time I'll use my Unova team so it's somewhat fairer, but you should probably keep the levels at 50 since my team overleveled yours. Was that a in-game team by any chance? It seemed kind of random (movesets and all, didn't expect that Garbador to have Solarbeam).
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