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  • No I didn't use a normal GS i used my friends R4i to backup my fire red into my pc and input a giga code that creates a transferable wondercard and it takes time to input it correctly or
    you'll end up screwing you'r sav
    Ps I didn't want to tempt you I just want to race for deoxys
    hey bro just wanted to tell you that tepig has shone at last after 11368 SRs...(wait have i told you already??)
    anyway, i'm currently completing the story, so no shiny hunting for me :p
    so what're you hunting now?
    Hello! Shiny Google :) I want to thank you for being very understanding with my post. And thankyou for the explanation. So maybe it was all luck but it seems so impossible.. You really think there is no way that a shiny lead could alter things?

    Anyway I look forward to your response you seem very nice. Pleased to meet you.
    No...there is no such thing as an invisible random selector. When you turn the game off and on for any game other than Emerald or a burnt out RS copy you get a new seed, meaning all the frames and such are completely different.

    And you did not choose to re-land near an old shiny frame. You just happened upon a new one that was luckily the same exact species as the one you found earlier. All it is was extreme luck. That's it.

    And I know you were trying to help. I just like to say something when I see false info going around. Heck, some people STILL believe Reshiram and Zekrom can be shiny at Dragonspiral tower. Rumors do not go away easily among shiny hunters.
    So you know, your retracing your steps method is crap. That's not how the RNG works. You just got INCREDIBLY lucky in finding a second shiny nidorina. That's all.
    Hey amigo :) I saw that you're looking for a buddy in the PGL to help with plant watering and stuff, well I've just entered the dream world as well and wondered if you want to "Scratch each other's backs" :p
    I understand you're willing to tell the awesome story of your Nidorina via private message; I would love to hear it! Also, the reason I asked about Beedrill's status/HP was that I thought 351 points was a low score for a Shiny. But it makes sense that the game caps the score. Green Beedrill is awesome though! Congrats, again!
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