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  • I can help you with ho oh and entei dex entries. In exchange I need help to transfer 10 balm mushrooms from my x to my OR.
    reply if interested
    no sorry, my IGN alpha sapphire is Justin and Rautha in X. I may not be able to trade till tomorrow since my fiancee is coming over, sorry for the delay.
    hey sorry didn't see your message till just now. i will be on later tonight after I get done with some mowing and also teaching. I'm a night owl so if you are on later I will likely be online. My friend code is in my about me section. IGN: Justin (alpha sapphire)
    hey I didn't see you online but I'm not super desparate for the berries right now. If you still needed those power braclets let me know through VM or PM, I'll be online a couple more hours or we can set a new day :)
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